Friday, April 13, 2012

Voice of Reason in Portsmouth...

I get a lot of very supportive comments from people, but sometimes someone writes something that encapsulates the issue perfectly. Someone called Maddie wrote just such a comment and as such it deserves a posting...

"This site has revealed so many interesting things about what is currently going in Portsmouth. I had no idea how coordinated the campaign against the clubs was until reading through these articles. It's quite shocking that Portsmouth Council has got this far through the voting process under pressure from the Solent Feminist Network and Object, but at least they should now be realising that there is an alternative voice to be heard, not only here in Portsmouth, but globally too.

I don't go to dancing clubs, but I've been fighting their cause on Facebook lately because I object to their proposed closure under the guise of 'feminism', and I was invited along to Elegance by a couple of the dancers to see what it's like. Unsurprisingly there was no sex involved anywhere, but there were lots of women there by choice, who love their jobs, and who are clearly not only more confident in their bodies than I am, but also really physically fit. (Ever tried to hold yourself off the ground on a pole? It takes a LOT of strength and stamina.) 

So I'd like to ask Charlie Dacke something: 

Have YOU ever been along to one of the clubs you are trying to close? 

Have you met the women whose jobs you and your associates are putting at risk? Have you seen these women doing what they love? 

If not Charlie, how about you and me head along to Wiggle or Elegance on a fact finding mission? 

How about you come and talk to these women for yourself, instead of silencing them like you did in the last council meeting? 

How about you put yourself in a position of real feminism, where you take on board the consideration that all women should have the choice to work where they want, when they want (because guess what Charlie, they have that choice too) and wearing what they want? 

Because I for one don't want to see anymore of your letters going through anymore doors in this city until you have at least had the chance to view this matter from an unbiased standpoint that takes into account the rights of ALL women."

Its a great piece of work and it makes a number of very good points. Perhaps most importantly Maddie went along to club and saw for herself what goes on. That is all we ask. See for yourself what happens in 'Sex Encounter Venue', because for a start you won't see any sex. What you will see is a great bunch of people who are building lives for themselves and not harming anyone else in the process. Finally I found this nice quote that also seems pertinent.

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred. 
Jacques Barzun

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