Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lets Close Every Club in Tower Hamlets Part 12 - Dancers Speak Out!

Dancers Speak Out - Wednesday 18th April 6.30pm at St Margarets House, 21 Old Ford Road, London E2 9PL.

Vera Rodriguez (GMB),
Suzanna Slack (GMB),
Kirsten Neil (Equity),
John McDonnell MP

"Tower Hamlets council will shortly be making a decision on closing the eleven dancing and adult entertainment venues in the borough.

The voices which have been absent from the public debate before and during the consultation are those of the men and women who work in this industry. Some decide to work in it and others earn their living in it because of economic necessity. In that respect it is the same as most other jobs.

Just like workers in other careers the women and men in the dancing & adult entertainment industry have concerns about job security, working conditions and pay. On top of this they have to confront a public discourse which is overwhelmingly hostile to them.

This public meeting, organised by dancers & adult entertainment workers who are trade unionists in the GMB and Equity, is an opportunity to listen to and discuss with the people who make their living dancing and performing in these venues. They are organising. Come and hear what they have to say."

As in Hackney, dancers are getting organised and this public meeting is very important because everyone is invited to hear speakers that will present the reality of the industry they work in. Object hate this kind of thing because they cannot deal with anyone that presents an opposing view point and therefore it would not surprise me if an attempt is not made to subvert the meeting.

I plan to attend and will blog about it the following day.


  1. The six month 'anniversary' of the as yet unpublished Tower Hamlets consultation, if I'm not mistaken...

    1. Has it really been that long? I just popped over to Rania Khans blog to see if there have been any developments and found nothing. My best guess remains that they will do nothing before the London Mayoral election on May 3rd.