Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updates On Various Issues...

I am still rather busy with a load of other stuff that doesn't relate to Object and strippers and other related stuff. So as an interim I thought it would be a good idea to provide some bite sized updates on the issues of the day....

Tower Hamlets Nil Policy - Well this amazing story drags on and the latest news that I have for you is that nothing is apparently going to happen until June. Possibly. This must be very distressing for all of the prohibitionists, because even if they decide to go ahead, the clubs will still be open during the Olympics. Furthermore, poor old Michael Collins of CAPE, will have to put up with months more of clubs pursuing their 'evil trade', as he likes to put it.

Also an interesting article in the Telegraph about directly elected mayors can be found here. It has some nice things to say about Lutfur Rahman. Also go here, to find out about iffy voting irregularities....

Silly People Doing Stickering - I visited The Horns recently after warning them and other venues that Object seemed to be somewhat resurgent and to maybe expect some stickers to magically appear overnight on their premises. I was shocked to discover that only two days after my warning, stickers were indeed placed on the aforesaid venue. The offending items proclaimed something along the lines that the girls inside 'had no choice' about dancing and that was why it was a good thing to try and force them out of their jobs.

It kind of strikes me that one day someone will ask the activists what their contribution to the strides forward in female empowerment were. Some will say that established education and training programmes, some will say that they campaigned for funding for Rape Crisis Centres and some others will have to say that they skulked around clubs after hours and covered them in hard to remove sticky labels.

The GMB Are Great. If after reading the Dancers Speak Out report, you have decided to join the GMB, follow this link to see the membership application form.

Portsmouth. Charlie Dacke has been maintaining her reputation for sense free ravings when she said...

“What happens inside the four walls of a lap dancing club would be considered sexual harassment and sex discrimination in any other workplace – so while it continues to take place on our high streets with licences supplied by our local authorities, how can we address the deeply ingrained inequalities that still exist in society? All women have the right to feel safe and participate in the City’s nightlife without fear.”

Well Charlie, what happens inside the four walls of anywhere would probably be considered inappropriate in another setting. What goes on inside a slaughterhouse wouldn't be acceptable in shopping precinct, what goes on at the British Grand Prix, would bring lifetime driving bans if it was transplanted to housing estate near you. So that comment doesn't stack up at all. Furthermore, strip tease doesn't take place on the High Street, it takes place in a club away from public view. Finally the 'deeply ingrained inequalities; that exist within society will not be addressed by making women redundant.

Contributors To This Blog. I love having guest contributors, TonyN is a sterling supporter and has contributed a brilliant piece about violent incidents that occur near clubs. Edie also sends me stuff to write as well and her pieces are always great to read. Blog member Maddie, writes comments that are so good that they deserve to be seen by more people and I will shortly post one of her comments. If anyone else has some interesting ideas, please let me know.

Who is the Eighth? Can someone help me with a technical issue? As you can see from my blog, I have seven members, yet my internal control panel says that I have eight. Is there someone that wants to be a member, yet not reveal themselves? How can I found out who this is? Your views would be welcome...

Ok, so for today thats it. I plan to start posting again over the weekend and have a number of articles planned or already written. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon.


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  1. Gasp! I am shocked and appalled by Charlie Dacke's latest comments. It's fairly safe to surmise that the shortsighted champion of women's rights (ahem) has never seen what happens inside the four walls of a dancing club. If she had, she may not be out every day posting her organisation's dubious diatribe through the innocent doors of this city.
    (My offer still stands Charlie, if you've got the balls.)
    'All women have the right to feel safe and participate in the city's nightlife without fear'?
    Has Charlie been to Guildhall Walk in the city lately on a weekend night? Go there as a woman dressed in anything other than what the flock are wearing and I can assure you, you will feel threatened by other women and will never want to participate in the city's nightlife again. If Charlie wants to fight inequality perhaps she should stop chasing her tail round and round outside danging clubs and instead try to educate the female masses on acceptance of others, even if they aren't dressed in Versace.
    Silly feminists; they're targeting the wrong women!