Saturday, April 28, 2012

Voice of Reason In Portsmouth - Part Three

As I have stated before, people sometimes make comments on postings that are worth posting in themselves. So once more we have Maddie, taking Charlie Dacke to task over her 'What goes on in the four walls of a lapdancing club' comment.

"Gasp! I am shocked and appalled by Charlie Dacke's latest comments. It's fairly safe to surmise that the shortsighted champion of women's rights (ahem) has never seen what happens inside the four walls of a dancing club. If she had, she may not be out every day posting her organisation's dubious diatribe through the innocent doors of this city. 

(My offer still stands Charlie, if you've got the balls.)

(She hasn't Maddie...)

'All women have the right to feel safe and participate in the city's nightlife without fear'?

Has Charlie been to Guildhall Walk in the city lately on a weekend night? Go there as a woman dressed in anything other than what the flock are wearing and I can assure you, you will feel threatened by other women and will never want to participate in the city's nightlife again. 

If Charlie wants to fight inequality perhaps she should stop chasing her tail round and round outside danging clubs and instead try to educate the female masses on acceptance of others, even if they aren't dressed in Versace. 

Silly feminists; they're targeting the wrong women!"

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