Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Violent Crime Report

Blog supporter TonyN has just completed a comprehensive analysis of incidents of violent crime in locations around strip clubs. The findings are summarised below and Tony makes a great offer to any club owner who finds themselves under siege by prohibitionists....

I always wondered why Object has never produced a report on violent crimes associated with Strip Bars and Lap Dancing Clubs. After the Lilith report failed so miserably you would think if there was even a grain of truth about the violence they would be broadcasting it all over their site. However the only attempt to use crime figures, that I know of, was the attempt to use Bristol's figures by Coventry Women's Voices. And that was a clever use of figures by putting all 4 venues in one group and using a catchment area that was in the middle of what the Police called a Crime Impact Zone. Obviously I was interested and it turns out that 3 of the venues are in the middle of the area riddled with Bars and Night Clubs. The Police and Councillors were very careful when discussing the venues to assign no blame to any venue.

Anyway this sparked an interest in why I had never seen any figures on the web from the anti striptease supporters. So I did some research based on the same distance parameters as Coventry's presentation and a publicly available tool so anyone could check the figures themselves.

Number of Crimes
Number of Venues
Percentage total of number of venues
1 to 12
13 to 24
25 to 36
37 to 48
49 to 60
61 to 120
121 and above

These figures include all violent crimes over 2011 near SEVs (as the councils call them) in England and Wales.

I don't need to say too much the figures pretty much speak for themselves. I have contacted the Police about the larger crime figures and so far not much in the way of usable answers but the 2 that were usable both showed NO violent crime associated with the venues in question.

I have written a short report that I am happy to send to venues or their solicitors. If any venues know that there has been a number of violent crimes near them and would like to put their view forward. In both cases my e-mail address is


  1. This is using a 50m Radius around the venue so covers 7850 square metres. Which lets face it is pretty big. I think though that 50% of venues having an average of 1 violent crime or less per month in that area is pretty impressive.

  2. I tried adding a comment a couple of days ago but it didn't show. Anyway point I would make is the ground covered around each venue is over 7,850 Square metres. And when bars and clubs are in the same area there is an increase in violence. Yet when away from bars and clubs SEVs show no violence. Basically anyone with half a brain cell should realise it is the "normal" bars and clubs rather than SEVs that are the problem.

    1. Apologies Tony. The spam filter is making strange decisions....

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