Friday, April 13, 2012

Portsmouth Dancers Speak Out - 1

Object are very keen for everyone to read the testimonies of ex-dancers, StrippingTheIllusion is equally keen for you to read the views of dancers that are still working and want to stay that way. I have little doubt that Object, the Solent Feminist Network and Charlie Dacke will say that what you are about to read has been faked or coerced. Let me say now that I am happy to state that the following testimony is legitimate voluntary and verifiable. 

Finally, I have decided to keep the testimonies anonymous, largely due to the possibility that extremists will use the information to intimidate or abuse the people that have decided to speak out. Please read this article to understand what other dancers have been through...

Finally, understand that these are the voices that Charlie Dacke of the Solent Feminist Network wanted silenced....

Dear Chair,

I am very disappointed with the decision of Portsmouth Council to implement new rules to clubs or even worse the closure of some clubs and threats of closure. In my time at working at the club industry, I can only say that I have always been treated with the utmost respect, I have also observed the same treatment afforded to the other young women.

There is certainly no coercing in any way, shape or form. The place is secure and at the end of the shift, all the young women are escorted to their cars by security staff and not left until they are in their car and the doors are locked.

Speaking for myself, I find the venue and atmosphere very safe and great fun. My father once told me that if the job stops being fun, stop doing the job. The closure of the club will not only stop the enjoyment of working because there will be no place to work but also be a massive cut of income not only for me but to other girls and the bouncer, bar staff and the management team.

Let me be candid; I am a young woman looking to put myself through University without being saddled with debt, scrounging off the state or my parents. My mother and my father, a Sales Director of his own Company, are fully aware of my part time occupation. Having checked the Venue for themselves, they are more than satisfied everything is above board and legal.

The attitude of the Council flies in the face of the 1968 Theatres Act and the abolition of the Lord Chamberlain as censor. Our performances are no more than titillation; no different to Benny Hill shows, Carry On films, imagine Gerald Thomas, Director of the Carry On’s, asking Sid James to keep his distance from Barbara Windsor. Ridiculous.

Please reconsider and reverse your decision and allow us to legally earn some money and have a laugh at the same time.

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  1. Big love to all the Portsmouth dancers from us up here in London! We are fighting the same ill informed policies. We achieved a compromise in Hackney and kept the clubs open.

    Keep going!

    Love and strength from London.