Saturday, April 14, 2012

Freedom of Speech - Solent Feminist Network Style

Without free speech no search for truth is possible... no discovery of truth is useful.
Charles Bradlaugh

Its been a bitterly contested battle in Portsmouth between club owners and the Solent Feminist Network and the lengths that Chas Dacke and pals will go to, to ensure they get their own way was illustrated at a recent council hearing.

Chas Dacke commented about it actually....

If you ignore Chas' childish comments, you can see that some dancers attended the hearing in order that their views could be heard. You would think that for the sake of fairness that all parties would welcome input from the people whose futures are under threat....

......Sadly no way could that be allowed to happen and we are lucky that WiggleMaria brought this story into the public domain. That said, Chas Dacke must have started working on her response almost immediately...

So it was Chas Dacke that tried to silence the girls by telling the Council how to run their meeting...

So basically it seems that Charlie 'really wanted' to hear what the dancers that had been 'wheeled out' had to say, but sadly procedures hadn't been followed and maybe dancers should keep quiet. Clearly Chas didn't want to hear what the dancers had to say too badly, because she tried to object to their freedom of speech with her in depth knowledge of procedure.

In summary, a bad tactical error of Charlie Dackes part, because it means that articles such as this can be written that make her look like a fascist.

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  1. It's a classic case of, "My free speech is more important than your free speech". And we've seen the way in which a point of procedure was used to silence critics of the 'nil' policy proposals in Hackney, so we shouldn't be at all surprised when Object activist Charlie Dacke resorts to a similar (ab)use of protocol in Portsmouth.

    Why is Charlie Dacke, as a feminist, so reluctant to hear the views of the women whose livelihoods will be affected directly by the licensing proposals? And do her 'sisters' in the Solent Feminist Network agree with her stance, and if so, why?