Monday, August 27, 2012

Ampthill Revisited

Truer words were never said.................

Ampthill residents have been concerned about the public image of the town, given the depth of feeling expressed on various blogs and message boards, regarding the impending opening of 'Shaylers' a strip bar that everyone is terrified of and no one understands.

Here below we have an example of a local resident that fails to understand how Licensing Laws apply.....

No, no, no. You can have a town meeting, you can have a vote, but it won't alter a thing. Local businesses are allowed to open without the approval of local residents. Its the law. If I want to open a hairdressers in Ampthill, I can do that, without having to consult with local residents. If I want to open a car body repair workshop in Ampthill, I can do so as long as there are suitable premises and none of my staff have tattoos of course.

Do you all understand now?

As long as any business stays within the dictates of its license or other relevant laws, it can trade where it likes and that includes Ampthill. Trust me, there is nothing special about Ampthill, laws that apply in England also apply in Ampthill. There are no exceptions for Ampthill.

Nadine Dorries is the local MP and residents have been urging her to become involved in the issue. I have to point out that MPs have no authority over local council decisions, policy and practice. In fact Dorries said as follows...

“From speaking to people beforehand it was pretty clear that there was no way it could possibly be granted and I was assured by that. However it is a decision over which I have no authority and no say whatsoever.

“Yes, constituents and business people have approached me on this issue for and against it, but that it is not my role as an MP to get involved.

“If I started jumping on every application submitted the councillors would get very angry with me and I have to have a relationship with them.

“Clearly I oppose the club on moral grounds but the application is not outside of the law.”

The only people that can be petitioned regarding council decisions are perhaps unsurprisingly, councillors. MPs are Members of Parliament and that is of course a different body. Also, please understand that at one time Nadine Dorries was a neighbour of John Shayler. That is an accident of geography, not a conspiracy. Many MPs websites specify what they can and cannot do to help members of the public and getting involved in Council Licensing decisions is not something that they can do. Its really that simple.....

I hold the opinion that things could be worse. Lets face it the site isn't really going to change in terms of its appearance much from this...

If a different party had taken over it could have looked like this and then you may well have had something to complain about....

People say that John Shayler hates Ampthill, I am starting to understand why....


  1. There does seem to be a bit of a lynch mob mentality in Ampthill, does there not?

  2. Ampthill has a tattoo shop and a lovely bar/pub which frequently requires police presence. It is not a special case, its not even particularly posh, just has lots of "Angry of Ampthill" residents, many of which will doubtless sneak in when the hoohah has died down

    1. Would this be The White Hart and Cellar Bar. I read about it, fractured cheek bone as well. I think I even read your postings because they were the only ones that seemed reasonable.

  3. Nadine Dorries demonstrates a degree of moderation and common sense which eludes many MPs: she understands that people with different points of view have to live alongside one another, and is clear on the fact that it's not within her remit to interfere with local government.

  4. Makes a change from Rachel Reeves......

  5. I live in Ampthill and have no problem with strip clubs (In fact I have frequented a few), or tattoo studios or clubs that are full of drunk 18 to 25 year olds who sometimes get out of hand. People need places to do what they want and enjoy themselves.

    good luck to him, a building in use is always better than not.
    I just don’t think he will get enough clients as its not discreet enough for the people who would want to use it, well at least the blokes who’s wife’s have been campaigning against it.

    My point is we aren’t all bothered or campaigning against him.

    1. Sorry for not replying earlier. I have had some good comments from Ampthill residents and realise that many of you are interested in other things. It is possible that the club will work and I hope that it is a success. I may come and visit it myself.