Saturday, August 18, 2012

Object Still Curiously Quiet About The Imprisonment of Pussy Riot.

"Anna, shouldn't we be doing something on Facebook about Pussy Riot?" said Katie Toms.

"Don't be silly Katie". Replied Anna Van Heeswijk, as she looked up from the pile of copper coins she had neatly stacked into neat £1 columns.

"But why not Anna?". Katie urged."They are after all sisters in struggle and now they've been put in prison. Its just not fair."

"Katie they are no sisters of ours, we cannot be seen to support lap dancing clubs, we are after all trying to get them all closed down".

Katie was shocked. Everyone knew that Anna had been under immense stress, what with with having to relocate Objects World Headquarters to a flat in south London, but surely she had seen the media reports about the band and its plight

"Anna, Pussy Riot isn't a lap dancing club, they're a band". Explained Katie.

"I know 'they're a banned' Katie". Anna snapped. "Its a great result for our campaign".

"No Anna, they're a musical band". Katie said in exasperation.

Anna looked up thoughtfully.

"Oh I see, burlesque performers. Well we're moving onto them next and if we got an early result it gives our campaign a flying start".

Katie was stunned and so tried another angle.

"They have lots of support, someone from Femen cut down a crucifix in Kiev in support of them as a protest, you can see a  picture on the internet of it, video footage as well".

"Katie, we can't get on the internet". Anna explained.

"Why not?"

"Had to sell the computer to pay the rent. Who is this Femen anyway?"

"Femen are brilliant. They've got loads of publicity and do things all over Europe. They get more coverage for one protest than we've got in last 5 years". Katie explained.

"How?" Anna asked eagerly. "Whatever they're doing, we can do it as well".

"Well Anna, their protest style is maybe see they tend to go....topless".

"What are they Katie. Strippers?"

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