Thursday, August 16, 2012

Object Update and an Old Friend Appears.....

Periodically I like to keep an eye and what Object are up, especially since we learned about their financial issues (having just over £7,000 in the bank as of August 2011). Since I last checked there have been a number of interesting changes.....

Now as we know, they changed their registered office last year to the Womens Resource Centre in London EC1. It looks like they couldn't afford that and at their last board meeting they decided to move again and their current address is a dicey looking block of flats in south London. What other changes have their been?.

Well as we can see there have been changes of directors and offices. We know about the office change, but what about the people....

The list of who is still involved is perhaps less  interesting than the list of who seems to have resigned their commission. Particularly when you consider that Sasha and Jeremy aren't about anymore. I wonder why? Could it be that they realised that incorporation involved a whole load of legal responsibilities and liabilities that were maybe a little to heavy to shoulder.

The Object website has a list of its current Board members and I present to you this list. There is a delightful surprise waiting for you.....

Yes, as you can see Charlie Dacke is now a board member. Interestingly we also learn that she has been a member of Object for 5 years, which is hardly a surprise but nonetheless nice to know. If you haven't encountered Charlie Dacke before, please go here, here, here, here, here and finally here.

Isn't this almost the best news in years....Charlie Dacke and Anna Van Heeswijk on the same board. What are they going to come up with? What are they going to do? Note that the biography states that Chas 'has led  successful feminist campaigns and groups in Portsmouth'. Has she? News to me actually because as far as I am aware, she hasn't achieved anything of note at all, apart from her complete withdrawal from the internet.

Am I alone in thinking that this must mark the beginning of the end for Object. They've gone from a nice office close to the City to someone's flat, appear to be cash strapped, the founders have resigned and now Chas Dacke is in the driving seat.

 Cannot wait to see what happens next.....


  1. Was sitting here reading this and smiling and got hit on the head by a thought. As Charlie is now on the board and having read the section on their incorporation on conflict of interest I would suspect that they are either not expecting funding from Unison or if they do receive funding Charlie could be in an awkward position (as could object I suspect). Anyone reading this who is an expert in law about this type of thing care to chip in? Amazing what run through the brain when your winding down.

    1. Perhaps this piece ought to be subtitled, "Return of the Dacke". ;-)

    2. But seriously, if Object has appointed someone like Dacke - with her record for making unsubstantiated allegations and engaging in personal abuse in public - to its board, its days are numbered.

  2. Yeah it does look pretty grim for Object now but around these parts it seems they have sowed the seed for other objectors like the religous moralists, corrupt Labour cllrs and the Green Party. They seem to be continuing Objects 'good work', like wheeling out the Lilith report and the blatant scaremongering.
    I See the unelected Jon Chilvers of the Green Party was in the Leamington Observer again today, with his opinion on the Shades Victory. He claims the decision is 'bad for the safety of women' (the article is on page 3)

    1. John, the thing is that Object's standard claims about strip clubs, and their 'research' (e.g. the Lilith Report), have been debunked so conclusively that any half-baked activist who decides to take the campaigning baton from them isn't going to get an easy ride - as Rachel Reeves MP discovered recently in Leeds.