Monday, August 13, 2012

Beach Volleyball Competitors - 'Stupid Silly Women'.....According to Object.

I think you can guess whose Facebook page proudly displayed the comment that I used to title this posting.Yes of course, its Object, the fun loving feminists whose supporters love nothing more than insulting those who they feel deviate from approved behaviour. The comments below sprang from a Facebook posting about 'Objectification and the Olympics'....

Loui Hayes can't seem to punctuate or build a sentence properly, but she was referring to the outfits worn by the Beach Volleyball teams and according to Loui, they are 'stupid silly women' because their outfits were apparently too revealing for designer feminist standards. Loui states that the revealing nature of the outfits drew attention away from the structure of the game. I find that odd because only people obsessed with objectifying women as sex objects would allow their attention to be drawn from where the ball went and what the score was and instead obsess about the outfits worn. People like Object supporters actually.....

Laura Gentle makes the most insulting comment when by implication she condemns athletes such as Jessica Ennis as being 'walking PR money bags' whose sporting achievements are motivated by personal greed. So the people that we spent that last two weeks cheering on and whose achievements brought such a sense well being to the entire country are condemned because of their outfits are a little too showy. Of course from the perspective of Laura, who it seems can only view everything she sees through objectification tinted spectacles, everything is about sex. The thought that maybe the outfits assist in cooling the runner or are designed to make movement easier would not have occurred. So lets do an experiment Laura, why not try and prove that the athletes outfits are motivated solely by sex. Try and run the 800 metres in a t-shirt and a pair of running shorts and see how you get on.

Comments such as those above are why Object are so worthy of condemnation. For the last two weeks, 99% of the population were linked in jubilation at the achievements of our athletes and as I have already said, their performance has lifted the entire country. Its the 1% that worry me, those that can only see objectification where the rest of us see achievement, so I am glad to announce that another blogger has started to focus on Object in a critical manner. 'Glasgow Sex Worker; has written articles here and here  that like Moronwatch, expose the vacuum that lies at the heart of the Object philosophy.

It kind of makes we wonder exactly how much more in grants they are going to be able to graft out of various grant making bodies, such as Joseph Rowntree  and Trust for London.

Maybe its time to do something about it......


  1. I wonder how Loui Hayes would feel about a MAN calling the female athletes "stupid silly women" - or indeed, how she'd feel about anyone describing Object members in that manner (with some justification)!

    As for "walking PR money bags", would that not be a fitting description of the leading members of Object, given their knack for attracting 'money for old rope' funding in the earlier years of the organisation?

  2. You start to realise that a lot of time people comment on social media without engaging their brains.... or they overthink something to the point of stupidity.

  3. In one corner world class athletes representing their countries.

    In the other, semi-literate sex-obsessed whining net warriors bitching at them from the comfort of their desks.

    Really... who cares?

    It has nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with the fact that people love to slag off anyone who achieves more than they do.