Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Petition - This Time Its Ours....

I have just returned from a business trip in Leeds and naturally visited some of the clubs and spoke to many of the people whose jobs and futures are being threatened by Rachel Reeves and the Charlwoods. Reflecting today on the conversations I had with dancers, door and bar staff, I decided that the abuse of innocent people for the benefit of an absurd personal crusade cannot go unanswered. Therefore I have set up a counter petition which reads as follows......

We, the undersigned, call upon Rachel Reeves MP (and supporters) to respect the democratic decision of Leeds Licensing Sub-Committee in granting SEV licenses to Wildcats, Red Leopard, Deep Blue, The Purple Door, Silks, Liberte and Black Diamond.
As you know, I have been highly critical in the past of petitions that feature signatures of people that live outside the relevant geographical area. So this petition is aimed only at those people who would be affected by the successful implementation of Reeves and the Charlwoods desire to see every club in Leeds closed down.

So if you are a resident of Leeds or a dancer, cleaner, door person, bar person, owner, manager, customer, or supplier of Wildcats, Red Leopard, Purple Door, Deep Blue, Black Diamond, Liberte and Silks then I ask that you sign the petition that can be found here.

Also, if you are going to sign, please use your name as the appearance of the phrase 'Anonymous' on a petition is another typical characteristic of prohibitionist petitions and as people we stand head and shoulders above the rotten bullies that wish to see so much harm caused to those that have done nothing, apart from trying to live their lives and secure their futures.

Thank you....


  1. 31 signatures already

  2. And more on the way I hope,so I thank everyone that has signed so far and ask that they remind their colleagues, club suppliers and other service providers to sign the petition. Rachel Reeves must never be allowed to 'get there'in Leeds.

  3. 71 signatures.

    One more and you will have the same number of signatures as Rachel Reeves’ petition. Her petition has been running since 25 June (33 days) while you only started on 20 July, just 8 days.

    Power to the people!

  4. I wonder how long it will be before we need a petition for Tower Hamlets...