Thursday, July 5, 2012

Empress Rachel Strikes Back - With A Petition....

Well, we have been wondering exactly what Empress Rachel was planning, let's face it we all knew she wasn't going to give up quite so easily. That said it appears she has adopted the easy way out and elected to make some disapproving comments on her website (or someone has written them for her) and set up a public petition.

"..........All eight of the city's MPs, plus local councillors and religious leaders campaigned to reduce the number of clubs in the City Centre and signed a joint letter to Leeds City Council prior to the licensing hearings asking that the number of clubs in the city be reduced - and asking that where they did exist they should not be located on or be visible from main thoroughfares, shopping streets or community spaces or near civic buildings or places of worship..........".

I just love the emphasis on the number of MPs, councillors and religious leaders that tried to tell Leeds Council how to think and their shock that they were ignored. I mean how could the ordinary little people of Leeds Council Licensing Committee ignore people as virtuous and wise as Rachel and Rebecca and Andy....

Rachel has vowed to continue campaigning on this issue and commented,

‘I don’t believe that these sexual entertainment venues should be located on our busiest City Centre streets, especially adjacent to civic and religious buildings. Residents, visitors and children should be able to journey through the City Centre without encountering the sex industry and at the moment that is just not possible.

Don't be spiteful Rachel, you know as well as anyone else that there is no sexual activity in a lap dancing club and you are also aware that what happens goes on inside, out of public view.....

I want Leeds to be seen as a welcoming, family friendly city and I do not feel that the proliferation of these clubs in such prominent locations sends out a positive image of our city to visitors.’

But Rachel, Leeds is a family friendly city, after all it runs the 'BestBarNone' scheme for bars, pubs and clubs that manage their venues so as to ensure everyone has a safe time. You must have heard of the scheme Rachel, Wildcats was a runner up the other year....

Cllr Rebecca Charlwood, who spearheaded the initial campaign said,

We know she was the spearhead.....

'It's particularly disappointing that Leeds City Council did not take action to reduce the number of these clubs as many other cities across the country have done. We have the power to say where they should be and how many of these clubs is appropriate, if you take pride in your city its a common sense policy.'

Rebecca Charlwoods comment above is quite simply marvellous for a number of reasons. First I have to remind Rebecca that she does not have 'the power' to say where anything should go and surely she must know that, although I bet she is disappointed about the fact. Then, best of all, she goes onto to insult the Licensing Committee by implying that they have no pride in the City and lack common sense.

Nice one Rebecca, they'll be queuing up to help you now. But I really do understand your frustration though. After all, people like you, Andy and Rachel are here for our guidance and we really should be listening to you and doing what you say. Maybe its our lack of pride or common sense that's the issue here.

Anyway, Empress Rachel has decided to set up a petition. Lets see how it looks as of today, 5th May at 7.30 in the evening...

So we have 36 signatures, almost one for every copy and paste objection that the Council received about the clubs in the Licensing hearings. Lets look a little further.....

I take a strong view about things like this and really don't see why people from 'ostria', Portsmouth, LLanelli, Sheffield, Cheltenham and 'Dungeon' should be voting on what essentially is a matter that concerns Leeds. I also think that anyone who cannot be bothered to even leave a name should really count either. So how many does that leave us with ......I think its about 14 people.

This petition will achieve nothing but Rachel hopes it looks good so in that way its much like what she does in her day job....


  1. Just 40 signatures as at 9 July 2012

  2. The general public needs to realise just how tiny a clique is behind this, and that their agenda is all about curbing civil liberties in the UK, so thanks Chasmal!

  3. Yes, you’re right it's an absolutely tiny group trying to impose their views. Object deliberately send multiple objections to give the impression their cause is greater than it really is.

  4. I find it hard to believe that anonymous is accepted for a name. Sort of implies they are either a duplicate or perhaps someone taking the mick. There are 2 Mr Anonymous from Leeds now not sure if he is still living with Mrs Anonymous and their daughter Ms Anonymous. Could almost play happy families with them.

    Overall the fact that a MP wants to overturn a legal process that was approved by her political party begs the question what isn't she telling us about her real motives.

    1. A career politician being less than candid? Well, fancy that! ;-)

      Seriously though, it's time for Rachel Reeves to answer some 'awkward' questions...

  5. You may scoff but I just checked the petition.
    They now have a whopping 41 signatures!

    How can Leeds Council ignore the overwhelming public support for this petition?

    1. Woohoo - go Team Rachel! :-D