Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rachel Reeves Doesn't Listen To The Fall

Hit the North
Manacled to the city, manacled to the city
All estate agents alive yell down nights in hysterical breath
There's no lights so pretty
Those big big big wide streets
Those useless MPs
They're Just Savages...
Hit the North 
Lyrics by Mark E. Smith of The Fall.

So I went to visit Techno Mystics excellent 'Rachel Reeves World Leader' blog and found out that the Institute of Public Policy Research held a parliamentary reception to discuss the issues facing 'The North' probably with the same attitude as a group of social workers meeting to mull over their case load of socially aberrant families. The best part about it all was that it was hosted by Rachel Reeves.

Have a look at the agenda below. Note that the reception about the 'North' was held in London, which says all you really need to know about it...

I can imagine quite clearly what the evening was like, especially the panel discussion where the great and the good intellectually masturbated so that everyone else could feel good about the time they wasted attending.

I just cannot wait to read the interim report and better understand how the challenges facing the 'North' are 'entrenched by systemic factors that inhibit its long term growth potential'. Sorry? I thought one of the biggest issues facing the 'North' was 'Those Useless MPs' still trying to close 7 clubs and make 750 people jobless. I imagine that Rachel kept quiet about that aspect of her work, because I doubt if it fits too well in the 'ambitious programme of activity' that the NEFC are involved in.

PS.  The Rachel Reeves 'Close Lapdancing Clubs' Petition now stands at an amazing 45 signatures.


  1. Are some of those lyrics about James 'God's Cop' Anderton? Because in the current political and social climate, they seem relevant once again...

  2. I'm sure you've all seen this, but... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-18862240

    1. But do you also see the use of language that dates back to Objects activist template for Hackney?

  3. Maddie, just another lie being used to cover up what is really a campaign by moral guardians who can't figure out how to challenge licenses honestly. All you ever see is outrageous claims without a single fact that can be proved. Unfortunate but MPs swallow this hogwash and then campaign because they think it makes them look good. Instead they are starting to look like fools.

  4. Anyone had a lap dance to the Fall? now that would be a rare thing! I imagine Hip Priest could work quite nicely

  5. This could be a new thing as the The Fall are surely under represented in club play lists....I wouldgo for 'Lie of the Land'.

  6. This article on MoronWatch helps explain why so many on the so-called left are so keen to cosy up with religious fundamentalists (both christian and islamic) on certain issues: