Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tower Hamlets Councillor Cleared Of Threatening To Kill Rania Khan

Do you remember in May that I made a posting about Rania Khan and her Wikipedia page? In the article I provided a link to a story detailed an apparent death threat made to her by another councillor, Kosru Uddin. Well it seems the police got involved and found there was no case to answer. The Labour Party made this press release on the matter, which I found on the excellent 'Trial by Jeory' blogspot

Labour Tower Hamlets Councillor Kosru Uddin has been cleared by the police of all allegations regarding his conduct at a Council meeting in May.

Uddin, who was accused by independent cabinet member Rania Khan of threatening violence, was told that there was no case to answer and that police would not be pursuing the matter further.

Cllr Kosru Uddin said: “This week I was officially informed by the police that they believed that there was no case to answer and therefore would not be pressing charges.

“Whilst I do not want to comment on my accuser’s motives or actions I have been clear from the start that I was innocent and I am glad that the justice system has now put that beyond doubt.

“The last few months have been extremely hard for both me and my family. I would like to thank my Labour colleagues who have stuck by me throughout this hard time. Politics is often described as a cut-throat and malicious business but I am privileged to have my fellow Labour councillors not only as colleagues but as friends.

“The residents of Mile End East elected me to stand up for them in a time of great change and uncertainty. I take that role very seriously and I am very much looking forward to putting this unpleasant matter behind me and focusing on standing up for my constituents.”

Labour Group Leader Joshua Peck said: “The Labour Party takes any allegation against a Labour councillor extremely seriously. We expect the highest standards from our councillors and we cooperated fully with the police investigation. I am pleased that councillor Khan’s allegation has been thrown out as I always knew it would be and I am glad that this difficult period for Kosru and his family is over.

“This allegation was just the latest in a number of unfounded allegations made against Labour councillors by independent councillors. I would urge them to stick to trying to win the political argument rather than trying to destroy their opponents with these baseless claims.”

As you can imagine its the final two paragraphs that I find the most interesting. Rania Kahn making baseless claims......surely not? Oh maybe they mean like this in a 2006 Tower Hamlets Council Meeting....

"...There is almost-total unity across Tower Hamlets people of all ages, ethnicities and faith groups in
opposing the exploitation and degrading of women associated with sex and strip club...".

Or maybe this when she blogged about the lap dancing debate at the Bancroft Library

“.......There had been worries that advocates of lapdancing and the sex industry would try to break up the discussion - there had been threats on the internet....."

Could they mean this when Rania mentioned how every club owner had been invited to the above debate....

"......Though, surprisingly, none of the people running lapdancing clubs took the opportunity to speak up - despite being invited by us to participate......”

Maybe they mean this from her blog, where she quotes Lilith.

"......In Camden sexual offences have doubled since the introduction of sex encounters in the borough. Lap-dancing clubs are also heavily linked to people trafficking and crime....."

Or this.....

".....It is horribly neat that the bankers, the engineers of the economic downturn, who are also the biggest clients at these clubs....."

No, Rania Khan never makes baseless claims at all....


  1. As one of the people who made a "threat" of attending and asking questions the meeting I am not surprised by anything this woman does. I believe my exact threat was.... Does the venue have wheelchair access and will the audience be able to question the panel. After which (and it wasn't just me but GSoB as well) we found the venue changing, it was women only, there was going to be no questions and it wasn't really a debate.

    The misrepresentation by the councillor on line of herself and what she is doing would worry me if I was a resident in TH. You have to feel sorry for the average person whose council cannot find a chief executive and has an elected mayor who seems to have a god complex. Add in the slightly off centre independent councillor or two and it is a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Rania Khan is fast becoming The Councillor Who Cried Wolf.