Sunday, July 8, 2012

Empress Rachel - "We Will Get There In Leeds".....

or How I Learned to Stop Respecting Democracy If It Gets In My Way And Started Loving My Own Opinions Even More......

Empress Rachel and her supporters have been very busy bees in Leeds with their plan to try and force the Council to overturn the decision of the Licensing Committee to grant 7 lap dancing clubs the SEV Licenses they needed to carry on trading. Lets look at the Tweets.....

First off we have Rebecca Charlwood hubby Andy making the grand announcement that they are not taking what happened lying down and he breathlessly announces the grand petition. This is acknowedged by 'Bollinger Bolshevik' or Lisa Saunders as she is known to her friends. Lisa is very interesting, given that she made allegations about being assaulted outside Wildcats at 7.30 one morning, which is amazing given that the place closes at 5.00am. Anyway, Rachel gives thanks and hugs....

Roberta Blackman-Woods worked immensely hard to ensure the SEV legislation was pushed through parliament and in many respects was its architect. Object and the Fawcett Society certainly helped, but Roberta shouldered most of the weight. What she fails to understand though is that Councils are using the legislation in the manner that it was designed, its just that Roberta doesn't like the outcomes. This is quite an important comment, because here we have an MP implying that the legislation was not designed to give local residents more say, it was in fact designed to close clubs down, nothing more, nothing less.

The SEV Licensing process is a hearing, not a hung jury and that elected public servants are making comments like this in public is disturbing but also fantastic because we can use it against them later....

Rachel reassures Roberta that all is not lost and that 'we will get there in Leeds!'. 

No you won't.

Rachel trumpets her campaign again and the reverie of her supporters is broken by Tom Forth who asks if DR Teela Sanders is involved in her campaign. Well, to some she extent she is, its just that she's on the other side.

So, even if a Licensing Committee does its job correctly, the story is not over. I think we can see now that the entire SEV farce was never about the acknowledgement of local opinions or the views of the general public. It was designed as platform for bigoted extremists to impose their views on the rest of us. I find it incredible that a group of democratically appointed public servants and their groupies should invest time in trying to overturn a decision made by the same democratic process. The conclusion is clear, anyone behaving in such a manner is a disgrace to the whole electoral system, especially when they abuse it the pursuit of a personal moral agenda.

To conclude we have a Tweet from Rachel about the tragic closure of the Childrens Heart Unit in Leeds. On this matter she is correct, I just cannot help but think that if she had been less worried about what she imagines goes on in lap dancing clubs and focussed on saving childrens lives, the outcome for the Heart Unit could have been different.

That said, long time Rachel pal and Rebecca Charlwood hubby, Andy thinks the closure is cool. Look at what he has written and bear in mind please that he is apparently 'an employment relations lecturer'. Still, the next time Andy, Becks and Rachel get together for a curry, maybe they can discuss Andys views on overworked and exhausted surgeons and his apparent knowledge of paediatric cardiac interventions, 

If there are any voters in Leeds that are reading this posting, when it comes to vote, please remember what Andy, hubby of Rebecca Charlwood had to say about the closure of Leeds Heart Unit, because according to Andy, the surgeons aren't really as good as they could be.........


  1. Yes Roberta's comment is interesting.
    I wondered how long it would be before soomeone suggested that the new law "isn't working".

  2. I believe they were told when originally writing the act that deliberately closing venues would be illegal under European law. The fact that legal departments in different councils don't have the same view as each other shows how poorly the European law is understood. Fortunately council officers (in general) understand the burden of jugdement with in the new law and apply it properly.

    I am sickened elect members of parliament are making moral judgements. They are elected to empower the local community but it seems that The Empress wants to climb the political ladder and needs a soapbox to get herself noticed. It is a shame that she puts in the effort she does to lap dancing when that effort could go into supporting the local community. Unfortunately she knows to get her name noticed she needs something on a national level.

  3. The attitude of Rachel Reeves on the issue of the clubs in Leeds, in the face of the decision to grant all seven of them SEV licences, is like that of a spoilt child throwing a tantrum because an adult has finally said, "No!" to her.

    As for Salya Shaban, she appears to be an idiotic collectivist who doesn't understand the concept of basic civil liberties.