Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mr Bum Face Supports Rachel Reeves

I am very lucky in that I have a number of people, all members of this site that keep an eye out for stuff and Alan S pointed out that Rachel Reeves anti-lapdancing petition had managed to secure the support of 40 people. I popped over to the site today to check it out and there are now a hefty 41 people that are the Empresses' camp, that said we can see that she has been joined by a very special signatory......

Yes, Mr Bum Face has weighed in on the side of the prohibitionists. Apart from the lack of response, the appearance of Mr Bum Face is the best thing about Rebecca Charlwoods' Rachel fronted campaign to impose her dubious morality on Leeds.

Mr Bum Face (or Bum to his friends) is known to have strong reservations about the whole lap dancing scene and is said to have close links to the local Labour Party. Others say that Mr Bum Face is one other that Ed Milliband himself.....

Speaking of Rachel Reeves, TonyN sent me a great link where Rachel Reeves points out the social cost of long term unemployment....

Rachel is of course correct in that Britain will pay a very heavy economic and social price for years of slow growth and high long term unemployment. But the failure of her lapdance club closure plan (actually Rebecca Charlwoods plan) will at least make things better for the 750 people on Leeds whose jobs were threatened and I suppose are still being threatened Rachel Reeves.

I really wonder exactly how stupid she thinks we are. Fresh from a campaign to make 750 redundant, the Empress is writing about how Tory policies are going to devastate the country, yet keeps quiet about her plan to inflict social chaos on Leeds. So actually she says the right things, but clearly doesn't believe a word of it

Rachel also seems to fail to understand that as an MP she cannot be seen to interfere the activities of a local council, but if there is some publicity generating profile for her, I imagine nothing else matters....


  1. You would think that considering her role she would have worked out the cost of people losing their jobs. After all there is a lovely piece on this very site that explains it so even an MP who is Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury would under it. Knowing that if Leeds did enforce a nil policy and if there was a legal leg to stand on it could spread round the country. £200m shortfall in taxes etc wonder what services she would cut to cover those losses?

    1. Maybe Mr Bum Face knows what services would be cut....

    2. lol probably, I just wish I had typed understand it rather than under it... Sunday brain is full of typos. Love those people though who type councillor thinking their name then counts double.

  2. Well interesting as the petition is invalid. The Leeds guidelines state that all petitioners must give name and address to prove they live in Leeds. If they cannot prove they live in Leeds then the signature doesn't count. People have to use the council's Petition, think RR is on the way to an epic fail.