Monday, July 2, 2012

Designer Feminist of the Year - The Prize

Its only eleven votes overall, but Charlie Dacke has taken a commanding lead in the competition as you can see in the panel on the right. Now I was thinking that it might be nice if there was some kind of prize and therefore I was wondering if anyone had any design ideas. Although I say this myself, I am really rather good in terms of arts and crafts and I am sure I could produce your design.......

Wouldn't it be fun if the winner had to collect their prize from the nearest convenient strip club?


Because I am still stuck in the limbo called 'recovery', I have far too much time on my hands. So this is my design.....

I am thinking laser cut perspex, gold foiled and mounted on a hard wood plinth and about 10 inches high. But who will be invited to their nearest lap dancing club to collect  it....Anna Van Heeswijk, Rania Khan, Charlie Dacke, Rachel Reeves or the Muffia?

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