Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Violent Crime Report 2

TonyN has completed perhaps the most comprehensive analysis every undertaken of the incidences of violent crime around lapdancing and striptease clubs. For those of use that know the scene, the results were unsurprising. You can read Tonys first series of conclusions here. In this article, Tony examines the effect that bars not offering striptease have on their neighbours, which in a number of locations in the UK, includes lapdancing clubs....

One thing did strike me when researching crime is why so many had such a low crime rate and whilst a handful had such horrible violent crime rates around them. I was extremely lucky as one City has two venues within 500m of each other and yet the volume of crimes was so different it was remarkable. One had the highest crime rate of any venue and the other certainly did not. I will not name the venues or City as the venues should not be punished for council decisions and I am certain that Object read this blog (wonder why they never say a word?)

When comparing the two venues the results are dramatic. One is located in an area shared with Bars and Clubs and the other has no bars nearby. In 2011 the one sharing with the bars and clubs had 311 violent crimes and yet the other which is very close by had 2. After investigating it seems that the one with bars and clubs is located in an area the police and council has created an artificially closed area to help manage the crime. However with the violence in the area where many bars, clubs and restaurants are located so close together it has made it almost impossible to assign blame to the individual bars or clubs. It is very striking that a SEV located within 500m of this area but outside of it has a negligible amount of crime.

So I have looked into other venues with high crime rates. One similarity possessed by them all is the fact they are located in amongst the towns and Cities night life. When reading council minutes for those areas the police and council has yet to assign any blame to any of the 14 venues with high crime rates around them. Information received from police (which is still minimal) has certainly not shown any venue having any involvement in violent crime.

You have to wonder why Object and other feminist groups speak of violence when the figures show so little. I have no doubt that they will claim that Objectification and that the violence is enacted when the men reach home on their partners. I have never seen any statistically accurate data that would prove that but Object never worry about facts when they would affect a good story line.

I think that Object and their supporters suspect that clubs create 'zones of objectification', areas where violence against women is seen to be acceptable because of the presence of a club. Its rubbish I know, but that is my best guess...



  1. I have no doubt your right Chasmal but when we are using an area of 7850 square metres that takes in a large amount of street frontage. If I analysed Pizza places I would probably see more violence, why you might ask and I am not sure but when seeing a pizza place on a map there always seemed to be violence around them. Strange no one has tried to close all pizza joints. Still we now know for certain that localised hyper-masculinity is a myth.

    1. Funny you should mention pizza restaurants: in Hackney, a certain white, middle-class clique (centered mainly around Stoke Newington) is obsessed with the alleged harmful effects of fried chicken takeaways and bookmakers' shops; which, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with racism or classism!

    2. To some extent we see middle class colonisation in many inner London areas and I have nothing against this because I like the English breakfast in Cafe Rouge and lets face it Cafe Nero do the best coffee there is. That said, these local make overs should not be at the expense of what is enduring and familiar for the residents that have been there for donkeys years, as it were...