Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lets Close Every Club in Tower Hamlets Part 13 - Heeeeere's Starstreak!

Starstreak, soon to be deployed to a tower block near you........

Notice that Rania is wearing black, that means its serious..

Its been a while since I focussed seriously on the situation in Tower Hamlets, this is largely due to the fact that no one seems to be doing to much about closing every strip club in the borough at the moment. TonyN pointed out to me that there is a Cabinet meeting on 9th May and that maybe one or two agenda items could possibly look at mass club closure. I did some some work on Google and like Tony, found nothing else that might indicate a move to action. I checked Rania Khans blog and found to my surprise that she hasn't posted since April 1st.

Its gone very quiet and last night (Saturday) I was pondering the issue when the peace of Chasmal Towers was broken by the sound of low flying jet. Living under a flightpath makes you somewhat aware of jet noises and this was no ordinary jet, I am reasonably sure it was a Typhoon, practising airborne interceptions of mentalist terrorists for the Olympics...

The I realised that maybe, just maybe, Rania and Lutfur have other things on their mind at the moment and that could well be the deployment of an anti-aircraft missile battery in the Bow ward of Tower Hamlets.

What do you think?

Lets look at things in a little more detail.

The government are concerned that terrorists will try and do something airborne and kill potentially thousands of people. To ensure that the risk is mitigated, anti-aircraft missiles are gong to be place at strategic points around London so as to ensure that any threat can be effectively neutralised. Typhoon fighter jets will also be on standby as well.

Our Armed Forces are really good at their job and I have little doubt that anything that poses a threat will be intercepted, but the concern is about what happens to the terrorists aircraft after it has been hit. Well, its going to land somewhere and that somewhere may we well be in Newham, Tower Hamlets or maybe even Essex or Kent and if it does, its going to kill a load of people, but perhaps not as many as it might if it crashed on the Olympic Village.

Now as you can imagine, Rania Kahn is not best pleased about the prospect of missiles that travel at over a kilometre a second being located in the neighbourhood. In fact on May 4th, she spoke at the 'No Missiles in East London' public meeting where 50 people turned up, somewhat less than attended the 'Lapdancing - Choice or Exploitation' meeting last October, which in itself is interesting. Apparently they have agreed to plan a 'big demonstration' which hopefully will link up with other boroughs that are also concerned about being temporary neighbours with missile batteries. There is also going to be a 'big meeting', where MOD officials will be invited to speak and if I was the MOD I would make sure I got my invites, because sometimes they don't arrive and Rania and the gang  claim you didn't show up out of fear or lack of interest.

Now Rania is in a real bind with this one.

If she doesn't protest against the missiles and Bow gets sprayed with red hot shrapnel, then that's her political career over...

If she does protest against the missiles and something happens and a maniac crashes a plane into the Olympic Stadium, the world will quite rightly ask where the anti-aircraft missiles were and it will be revealed that Rania Khan played a big role in getting them sent away. The world will not be happy about this and again, Ranias' career will be over.

The real issue is however as follows; Did no one imagine that precautions would be taken to protect the Olympics? Tower Hamlets Council seemed to be very enthused about the whole thing and now that they realise that no one is going to be allowed to spoil the party with a hijacked airliner, all they are doing is complaining.

This is why I think the whole striptease closure issue in Tower Hamlets is going to go to sleep until after the Para-Olympics. I take the view that Lutfur and his gang are hardly likely to open a second front with the MOD, while they are facing multiple court actions from annoyed strip club owners. Also, if they are silly enough to announce that they have destroyed the strip scene in the borough, but failed to prevent the appearance of Starstreak, then the electorate will not be best pleased...

I am astonished with Rania, I thought she would be very excited and pleased about the missile deployment, because after all she does 'luv' her weapons.

Postscript. I am surprised that Michael Collins of CAPE (Campaign Against Property Extirpation) isn't all over this. After all, he seemed so keen to safeguard his freehold property interest against strip clubs and yet he doesn't seem bothered at all about Starstreak. Which by the way has been tested against ground targets which found perhaps unsurprisingly 900gms of tungsten dart travelling at over mach 3 can really mess up whatever it hits...

PostPostscript. I imagine there is going to be a complete ban on anything in the air inside the M25, so lets hope the MOD are on on form and have on-site liaison with the people that run the air ambulance helicopter that is, as I recall based in Tower Hamlets...


  1. I wonder how Lutfur is going to explain to his financial backers in the IFE that buildings under his control are covered in missiles in case people who might be Islamic Fundamentalists attack the Olympics?

  2. Did it never occur to any decision-makers that the missile batteries themselves might become targets? It's not exactly rocket science...