Friday, May 4, 2012

Objects Campaign Against FGM

In this article in The Guardian, it was reported that two men have been arrested by police investigating claims that female genital mutilation is being offered in the UK. Another article in the same newspaper, alleged that 'more than 21,000 girls under 15 in England and Wales are estimated to be at serious risk of being forced into genital mutilation and a further 11,000 over-eights are highly likely already to have been subjected to the practice'.

Furthermore, the same article stated that 'around 66,000 women and girls in England and Wales may have undergone the procedure, in which part or all of their genitalia is cut off and stitched up, without anaesthetic'.

Yes I know that I have been critical of The Guardian, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day and on this matter they are right. FGM is so evil it defies understanding and its perpetrators are abominations.

The second Guardian article was published in 2007, just when Object were getting into their stride with their Lap Dancing Campaign. Its good to see that Object understand their priorities. I have to ask, what act objectifies women more than FGM? What is more abusive than FGM? I challenge anyone to name something, but even if there are any suggestions, I sincerely doubt that lap dancing and Page 3 will be among the answers.

Maybe you think I am being unfair, but if this is the case I want to explain something. Campaign groups run on cash and the supply of cash is finite. On this basis, funding should be prioritised to groups that are combating genuine social evils and when considered against the genital mutilation of children, lap dancing clubs, Page 3, Nuts, Zoo, FHM and Miss World don't even appear on the scale.

The key organisation involved in raising awareness of and campaigning against FGM is Forward UK. Help them out with a donation here.

Oh before anyone even dares to mention it, a bunch of rad fems twatting around Harley Street, screaming 'Hands Off Our Muffs', doesn't count.


  1. We know that for Object to get involved they need to be sure of funding, be certain it appeases their patron and the other guardianista feministas. It failed on those 2 points to start with and it wouldn't have got Object their media inches. I wondered why Object get so much support and I had never heard of Forward UK and realised it is all due to media coverage.

  2. Allow me to field this one.

    FGM is an "ethnic minority" practice and Object, who strike me as being extreme left wing, don't feel it is any of their buisiness campaigning against other peoples "cultural/religious" practices as only racists would campaign against these peoples "freedoms" (don't laugh, I'm sure that's how they actually think).

  3. The problem is that you are quite likely correct.....