Saturday, May 5, 2012

Template SEV Consultation Document

Every time a council undertakes an SEV Consultation, there are costs involved. Lets face it, no two consultation documents are alike, so to be helpful StrippingTheIllusion has designed a template form for any council to use....

The StrippingTheIllusion document is easy to complete and its multiple choice as well, so respondents won't have to think too hard about it. Also its a very honest document as well and this will save time and public money when it all comes to court.


  1. Okay, you did it. I now have an inane grin on my face. Just be careful object will probably copy it and send it to all councils.

  2. Probably will do, but if they do it will save everyone a load of aggravation later...

  3. Reckon you could process the replies within six months? ;-)