Saturday, May 26, 2012

StrippingTheIllusion Wins 2012 Erotic Awards - Best Blog Category

I found out just after 9.00pm, when my friend Edie LaMort called me from the prize giving ceremony. As I am in post heart attack recovery mode, I was unable to make the event. I was thrilled to be nominated, amazed to reach the finals and to actually win is astounding, especially when considering the competition.

So I guess I had better do my award speech now and thank everyone that has helped make this blog what it is...

TonyN for articles, support and brilliant comments,
Brute for great comments and hopefully some great articles in the near future,
Edie LaMort for great ideas and articles,
AlanS for supportive comments and great leads,
Maddie for offering to help educate the wilfully ignorant,
John at Wiggle for great material for postings,
All of the staff of Wiggle and Elegance for their contributions (see you all in July),
Michael of The Horns for support, ideas and Budweiser (red wine for me from now on...)
Manu from The Nags Head for his invaluable support,
The Dave Gang for their help and encouragement,
Tuppy Owens for nominating me in the first place,
The staff , management and dancers at Browns, The Horns, The White Horse and The Nags Head,
And last but not least, a big thank you to all of the prohibitionists for writing
crazed shit that I can post about.....

Edie LaMort was also nominated for an award in the Campaigner/Activist category and I am sad that she did not win. So as far as I am concerned, my award is shared, because Edie actually gets out there and campaigns at the sharp end as it were. Edie kindly represented me at the award ceremony and sometime soon I plan to venture into London to collect my marvellous 'Flying Penis' award, which I will of course photograph and feature in a later posting...

So once again, thank you and lets see what we can do the develop and build this blog into something bigger and better.....



  1. OMG I've been thanked in an awards speech!
    That's made my day, especially after Englebert came second to last at Eurovision.

    Congrats, well deserved.

  2. Congratz on the win, well deserved and well done to Edie for qualifying as well. The win reflects the need and willingness to back lash against prohibitionists.

  3. Excellent news - well done, and well deserved!

  4. Excellent work, duly recognized - BRAVO!! :-)