Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Troubled Times of Rania Khan

Oh No!!!..........

Oh Yes!!!........

Its been a challenging time for Cllr Rania Khan, who as you know is the would-be architect of the destruction of the strip club scene in Tower Hamlets.

First she has seen that her prohibitionist campaign has seemingly ground to halt while the boroughs legal team try and exempt The White Swan from the 'Nil Policy' and escape accusations of homophobia...

Soon after the above, the Ministry of Decided that Bow would make a jolly good location for a battery of Starstreak High Velocity Missiles and it looks as though they will be located there, irrespective of Ranias view on the matter...

Then, only days ago, a fellow councillor allegedly threatened to kill her after a frank exchange of views conducted in Bangladeshi in a difficult council meeting...

But all of the above must pale into comparison with the latest misfortune to darken Rania's path to personal glory, because it seems that someone wants to delete her Wikipedia entry. So lets look at what has been going in a little more detail....

It seems that Ranias entry first appeared on 1st May 2012, the work of a contributor whose username is 'Tanbircdq'. Happily for us, Wikipedia is gloriously transparent and we can see what happened in the days after the article was published.

Wikipedians were all over the article, largely it seems because of the reputation for 'Tanbircdq', whose efforts seem rarely uncontroversial. Like me, I am sure you appreciate the edit made on 18th May at 21:29 where 'NJ Wine' 'Removed puffery and opinions'. But it gets better, lets look at what people were saying about the article...

As we can see many expressed reservations about the article, but some of the issues raised are of great interest, particularly when we see the first paragraph where 'Atheling1125' seems to raise the possibility that
'Tanbircdq' may in fact be Rania Khan herself and that the media sources quoted are 'trivial'. Now we see that 'Atheling1125' retracts the comment later when challenged by 'NJ Wine' but don't worry, because it is this user that gives the best quote of all.....

"..I understand your perspective, because there was a certain amount of crap in the article that I removed...."

Just loving this I really am, so lets have a look at the article as it first appeared. I have underlined the 'crap' and the 'puffery' for you to see.

Please note the authors spelling of 'Gandhi' and no I don't think Charlie Dacke wrote the article.
We see that the original version that unreservedly supportive of Cllr Khan and this in itself is going to make people suspicious, but it is good to know that Rania plans to 'continue her further education, especially in the areas of Science and Philosophy'. In fact maybe she should focus on the science part, because that way, when the next person asks her on Twitter about her views on evolution, she can give a credible reply, certainly better than the last one she gave....

Love to know her opinions......
I don't know who the author of the article was, but they have done Rania no favours at all with their approach, but its good to see such conceptually flawed crap being made public. I don't know about you, but Tower Hamlets is just so much fun.

If you want to know how the article ended up, I suggest you follow this link to see for yourself, I'm not being lazy, but revisions seem to happen on  fairly regular basis and where it could end up is anyones guess.


  1. Well the entry now says she is divorced, guess the poor guy couldn't take any more of her weapons lol.

  2. According to the Wikipedia current entry, "[Rania Khan] is a member of NUT, CAPE (Campaign Against People’s Exploitation), Liberty and NOS (National Osteoporosis Society)."

    No mention of Object: does this mean that she's left the organisation, or is this simply an omission (which seems strange, given that she declared her interest as a member in her capacity as a councillor)?

    1. You wonder if she realises that declaring it could come back to haunt her at a latter date

    2. Non-declaration would have potentially caused her more problems. But it's notable just how many other Object activists appear reluctant to declare their membership publicly, when posting anti-striptease comments online, until pressed on the matter.

    3. Certainly saw that with Mrs Clown, think they know the average woman is not interested in a small minority pressure group so their activists pretend to not have the Object agenda.

    4. As for CAPE, has it made any public statements since the facts about Michael Collins's property portfolio were revealed?

    5. I can't find a website for CAPE nor any activity since the consultation ended in TH. Doesn't really surprise me, once the vote had finished Collins would not want to waste time and money being involved with the TH Crazies.

    6. Well, I suspect that CAPE was only ever a front organisation for a disparate set of vested interests in the first place, as well as a vehicle for Object to portray its national campaign against striptease as having a local base of support from the wider community.

    7. CAPE never had a website, at the moment it looks like they have no members either, because they seem to have disappeared. Now I am not saying this had anything to do with the revelations we made about someones property interests.......

  3. Back on the topic of Rania Khan, it's notable that the volume of posts to her personal blog fell dramatically after the 'Councillor Who Cried, "Wolf!"' incident, and more recently she's made her Tweets private. Troubled times indeed!

    1. Maybe there will be more reaction when the decision on the new framework is announced on the 11 September. Think she has become quite boring.