Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fascist Mailshots In Portsmouth

I want you to imagine that you are sitting in your living room, maybe you're watching a film a reading a book or maybe you're wondering exactly how you're going to meet this months mortgage payments and eat at the same time. But a noise from the front door distracts you, so you get up and investigate and see a sheet of paper on the doormat. You pick it up and see that it is a mailshot.....

You see that you have been sent something by an anonymous group of fascists that are trying to make you frightened of something that exists in your town. The anonymous group wants this thing to be closed down and are so desperate to get your support that they assign all sorts of horrors to its existence, such as crime and foreigners (the usual suspects for fascists).

Now I bet you think I am talking about the kind of thing that right wing mentalists write about mosques, but actually I am not, although the modus operandi is identical. No, what I talking about is that a fascist group in Portsmouth have once again been posting anonymous letters through peoples front doors in an effort to get 'Elegance', one of the cities lapdancing clubs closed down.

Here it is below......

This is the kind of thing that the National Front used to do in the 1970's so as to raise popular support against asian owned corner shops or anything that was owned/operated/associated with people that weren't white. Its interesting that such a tactic has been resurrected by a new generation of fascist scumbags. That said it is not surprising, every time a prohibitionist makes a comment in a lapdancing related related article on, they get shot down in flames by other contributors that don't share their obsessive hatred of dancers, clubs and their owners. Mailshots can't be argued with as such and that is why we are lucky to have been sent the above photo.

Lets look at the lies.....

'........Strip clubs have proven links with crime, prostitution and sex-trafficking.........'.


I invite the author to provide the evidence and by evidence I mean something that would be acceptable in a Court of Law, as opposed to the twisted mind of a bigot. There is no link, nether has there been any study that suggests a link between clubs and gender based violence or crime or prostitution or sex trafficking.

Do you notice how the mailshot is anonymous? This is because the author told lies and they don't want to get caught out because they lack the substance to stand by what they wrote. In fact their idea of open democracy is to skulk around at night, posting spittle flecked hatred through peoples front doors...

In other words, not only are they fascists, but they're cowards as well.


  1. This is the same Elegance that had a total of 12 violent crimes in the whole of 2011. Now that really doesn't sound like a lot of crime. I wonder what would happen if the security and CCTV from the club disappeared? We have seen the improvement in crime because of Wiggle we can but guess that the reverse would happen without the measures clubs have.

  2. 'Strip clubs have proven links with crime, prostitution and sex-trafficking...'

    Never mind libel: is this kind of claim even LEGAL in this context?

  3. I would think not Brute which is why there is no name on the flyer

    1. Were the police to investigate the source of these flyers, I suspect that manner in which they've been worded would be their start point...

  4. Thats correct Tony, the flyer is unattributed because of what they have written. I said they were cowards. But do not be concerned, I have just received a load more great stuff and will be blogging later today....