Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Need To Talk About Holsopple

Just a quick post. Kat Banyard must have spent some time actually reading The Lilith Report and went 'WTF!!!' and decided to file it away under 'Liability'. Later Kat found what she hoped was another asset - The Holsopple Report. Written by Kelly Holsopple, hence its title and it makes quite horrible reading.

Just a couple of issues. First it was written almost twenty years ago and secondly, all of the clubs that featured in the report were in America.

No one in their right mind would base a judgement about the UK strip and lapdance scene, based upon what happened 6000 miles away, 2O years ago. looks like someone does ....

Hey did you know that Kat Banyard works as a full time activist and is unpaid for her work?

Love to know how she manages that.

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