Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lets Close Every Club in Tower Hamlets Part 6 - Remarkable Intellects

At a recent council meeting, Mayor Lutfur Rahman was aware that a number of councillors planned to ambush him with a barrage of awkward and embarrassing questions. Mayor Lutfur therefore adopted a radical tactic and decided to refuse to answer any question that was put to him. Instead he delegated the job of responding to his loyal cabinet.

Please have a read of the frame grab below......

Its an interesting question about a £850,000 loan to an arts centre. This is not the key issue, its the 'remarkable intellect' comment that I like so much. You see, the clubs have no chance at all now such intellectual prowess is clearly aligned against them.

Do you remember that Rania Khan had a page on a social networking site called Hi5. The story was covered by Andrew Gilligan in The Daily Telegraph. Since this time Rania has removed all trace of her page, so its lucky that I frame grabbed everything I could....

Its interesting to note that Ranias 'remarkable intellect' cannot 'keep data of tings that r unnecessary'. Rania also asks 'wats the point of reading tings dat aint true'? Well she must have read the Lilith Report and I guess that's how she arrived at that conclusion.

I know that this blog is read by people from all around the world and a number of those readers may well be coming to London for the Olympics. Tower Hamlets is an Olympic Borough and Rania Khan is a cabinet member of Tower Hamlets Council. This is a fact that I find incredibly embarrassing.

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