Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Compilation Of Comments

I allow comments to be placed without any filter whatsoever. I think that is the best way to go foward, let people say what they want to say. So anyway I thought it might be a good idea to compile some of the best comments in one posting. So here we go....

'.....those of us who've encountered Object and have attempted to engage them in civilised debate know only too well the extent to which they will resort to dirty tricks and disinformation.....'

'.....Thank you for publishing this... As you say it's a gross insult to women who actually HAVE suffered abuse, that Object would urge its supporters to lie about having also suffered threats of this in order to suit their cause. Despicable....'

'.....Very interesting read. You are doing important and valuable work.....'

'.....I believe in freedom, these 'feminist' do not....'

'.....Object do have a major issue in terms of being judgemental....'

'.....CAPE: Campaign Against People Exploitation, or Campaign to Augment Property Earnings?....'

'.....Wonderful. Its about time that Object were shown up for what they are. A hate group intent on re-educating all those that fail to follow their narrow minded agenda. I have personally witnessed the distress and anguish that Object activists caused to someone very very close to me. The tactics they used were frankly despicable, sadly they will sooner or later pick on someone who will not be able to stand up to them. The outcome could be tragic....'

'.....And no matter who gets hurt and what in reality it does to women it doesn't affect them so why should they care....'

'.....Noticed the extent to which they've been asking for donations recently?....'

'.....What they probably mean is they want dancers placed in stocks but haven't quite figured out how to get that far....'

'.....And perhaps they shy away from addressing more serious issues related to gender inequality (oppression of women in ethnic minority communities, female 'circumcision', the commonplace use of rape in gang culture, etc.) because to tackle those would not only require genuine hard work (as opposed to fashionable posturing), but also expose them to genuine risk and the possibility of being accused of racism by fellow 'liberals'.....'

'.....Ooooh as a dancer who has come head-to-head with Object in the past I've heard the "we're not offensive or patronising" claim so many times - usually immediately followed by statements amounting to "shut up, we don't want to hear ANYTHING about your ten years of experience in the industry as your views have NO validity as you're suffering Stockholm Syndrome... and by the way, all the evils in the world, all the abuses of women, are on YOUR shoulders as it's all down to what you do for a living". I've never in my life been so verbally punched in the face as by Object supporters. Well done for this post illustrating what they are like.....'

I decided to save the best one until last....

'......One of the most poignant moments for me during the Hackney campaign was when a good friend and dancer from South America had a panic. She said, 'I can't believe this is happening here. I grew up under a dictatorship and this is the action of dictatorship. I came here to get away from this mentality......'

I think that summarises what we are fighting for..

I had one poster that was negative....

'.....I'm not a member of OBJECT's yahoo group, nor do I work for or volunteer for OBJECT ......'
'.....Where's the respect for different opinions that you are asking for your opinions?.....'

Its funny the number of people who comment on Objects behalf that aren't themselves members or even have anything remotely to do with company. As for the second comment, yeah I remember my first beer as well.

So thank you for your comments and please keep them coming. Today the blog added Argentina and Brazil to it reader portfolio, so lets show the whole world what Object are like and better still, show them we are fighting back.

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