Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Muffia Want Your Money As Well

Closing this weekends theme of Object and Your Money, I present this lovely frame grab from the Object Yahoo Group. I love the title 'Guerilla Activity planned for........' because it gives the activists the sense that they are involved in something cutting edge and radical.

So what was the plan? Well 'The Muffia' planned to protest against the idea that sex is a commodity that can be bought. Why not? Its a free country, but if they were really serious it they could undertaken the protest outside a massage parlour and had some real impact. Instead they chose the soft option and decided to protest outside a club in the East End.

Notice how they kept the location secret, probably in the fear that the Super Secret Object Yahoo Message Board is crawling with sex positive activists, which of course it is.

The best bit about all of this was they wanted money....

"The event will engaging with the members of the public, in exchange for money. The body will be covered in the money, the public's money and any pre-donations".

Wow, they must have been optimistic when they made their donation projections....

"The money donated will act as a petition against paying for sex and/or sexual interactions".

Sorry, I don't quite get that....the money donated will as a petition?

A petition to buy a few rounds afterwards maybe...

Anyway as you can see their Paypal details were available for anyone to donate money to them.

Do you see what this is all about?


Attacking dancers and clubs is now a good business to be in, its about book deals, websites, Paypal donations, will bequests, cake sales, t-shirts and anything else that can squeezed for a few pennies of revenue. I went to Spearmint Rhino a few times and I thought they were commercially astute and income focussed, but believe me they have nothing on Object and their pals...

'The Muffia' are performance artists, much loved of The Guardian and I do seem to recall them being involved in the protests in Harley Street that compared labiaplasty to Female Genital Mutilation.

If you want to know more about 'The Muffia', maybe you can follow this link and see the photoshoot they did for FHM. Yes of course FHM is a lads mag, but don't worry its all ironic.


  1. LOL, thanks for your 'hilarious' breakdown of the planned event by The Muffia over a year and a half ago. Really up to date research on a project that never actually happened. Well done.

  2. Hi Katie, thanks for your contribution. The timeline is irrelevant, the fact that you planned it is what's interesting. But hang on Katie, you say that the project 'never actually happened'.

    On the frame grab that publicises the event you say....

    '.....If you would like to make a donation to this event please send money via Paypal to the Muffia paypal account...'

    So in other words, you solicited donations for an event that you now say didn't take place. How much did you get? Did donors get a refund, given that the event didn't actually take place?

    Did you really take the money and not deliver the goods? Hilarious, actually.

    It's all a bit 'Living Project', isn't it? LOL.


    1. Perhaps the Muffia's website should have Money For Nothing playing on its home page... ;-)

    2. So in it for the money and not because they actually care about other women not being able to earn a living. I wonder over the years how many people they let down (after taking the money).

  3. This blog is brilliant. I went to the consultation talks and fought very hard when I wasn't in a straight jacket at them. That there was a hidden agenda of local Islamification with the hard left coming for the ride was soon clear.
    The map we were offered? There was only one to pass around, they obviously didn't want any going out the meeting!

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