Sunday, March 4, 2012

That Tuppy Owens Guy Is Involved...

So in December 2010, Object were throwing everything at ensuring a blanket 'nil policy' was applied to everywhere in Hackney (including the gay bookshop 'Expectations'). A lot of resistance appeared and people really started to organise and demonstration against the policy was planned. Obviously someone in Object had their eyes open and posted about it on their Yahoo Board.

I have just one point to make.

That 'Tuppy Owens guy' is a girl.

So Object can't get the sex of a world famous publisher, author and therapist correct. At the same time we are expected to believe the rest of what they say is totally accurate and sound basis for closing every club in existence.

Oh, the 'counter demonstration' amounted to two people that didn't say anything or do much.

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