Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stripping The Illusion Under Attack?

I always wondered if it might happen and it appears that it has. I received an e-mail this morning that informed me that Norton is blocking access to this blog on the basis that it is a fraudulent site. Now given that this is Google blog, given that we don't solicit for donations, given that we don't ask you for your details or ask you to get involved with helping to transfer millions of dollars from third world banks......

This posting will be updated as we receive evidence that this has indeed happened, but if you are experiencing difficulties in reaching this site, please let me know....

Maybe later we can speculate on who actually reported us.


Yes I can now confirm that it is possible that we have been reported as being a fraudulent site and are being blocked by Norton...

So it seems that our Sunday is going to be spent working out how best to respond and we will of course keep you updated. Fuck knows what's happening


Well it appears that the problem could be generic to the blogspot domain. Thank you to Techno Mystic (great site so visit it here) who did a Google search and uncovered details that relate to this issue. Nonetheless I have contacted Symantec and will let you know their reply.....


  1. Just googled it and it is happening to other blogs. Seems to be a problem with the blogspot domain.

  2. You mean its not a feminist conspiracy???? Just spent two hours trying to find the right person to talk to at Symantec.

  3. Must say, the timing in relation to Object's AGM this afternoon looked suspicious at first, but it could be pure coincidence.

  4. We've been busy lately. I can swallow a issue with Symantec and have mailed them to ascertain what may or may not have happened. Haven't used Norton for year, I must admit.

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