Friday, June 15, 2012

Moralist Olympics In Leeds: Freedom Of Choice 7 Designer Feminism 0

"Rachel, you know those clubs that you're trying to get closed..........."
You know what happened by now, just by reading the title of this posting. Today, Leeds Council's Licensing Sub Committee approved the re-licensing of all seven clubs that appeared before them this week. It's a watermark decision because people that took a broader view, that weren't going to be swayed by single issue obsessives, acted to preserve the jobs of 750 people in Leeds.

I was going to post yesterday about the hearings for Red Leopard and Wildcats and trust me there is much to comment upon, but for the moment let us celebrate a victory over bigotry and one day remember that this was the day that just maybe the tide turned and we started to take the power back.

I just so want to make some kind of sarcastic comment and rub the victory in the faces of people like Rachel Reeves, but I wish to be dignified about this, so will leave that kind of behaviour to others....

But that said it's massive league fail for Object Leeds, isn't?

All those letters that they wrote.

Lets be dignified though.


I feel sorry for those people (all 30 of them) that copied and pasted their objection letters to Leeds Council.

Actually, not that sorry at all.....

Got to post about what happened during the hearing for Wildcats....

Sandra McNeill, you just cannot go around saying that kind of stuff.

Don't imagine Bernard Atha is that happy either.

"....Well, not sure how to tell you this, but their licenses were all approved. All seven of them actually. What a bummer ."

It's about time we had some good news though....

They'll be back next year, but we'll be ready for them....


  1. Thank heaven that common sense has taken hold over the fear mongering. Lets hope other councils take note.

  2. I wonder if some of the MPs will think it's worth trying again now they realise they have so little support?
    (And those who do support them can't produce a coherent argument).

  3. I can't help wondering what certain councillors in Tower Hamlets, or certain rad-fems in and around Portsmouth, must be thinking about this result...

  4. It was an immensely important result, as a council has rejected wholesale an Object campaign and as you will see when I post the full report, they threw everything at it. They'll be back next year, but their campaign has received a severe blow. It must affect the views of Tower Hamlets and Portsmouth.....

  5. I wonder how much has been affected by the campaign centred around this blog. On most online newspaper articles you see certain names crop up including myself and those people who wrote in on behalf of the venues. The increase in readership around the uptake of support for Leeds does suggest the message this blog gives is being heard somewhere.

  6. Since I started blogging about Leeds, I have have had 1200 page views, increasing at the rate of over 130 a day. As of today (saturday) I am at 1900 page views for June and am hopeful that I will equal my page view record of 4600 in April. Campaigns really attract a lot of interest and I guess that interest is local to the campaign location. I hope that decision makers read the blog and at least think about what is going on. If they read what Object rant on about, we can see that they are unconvinced about the messages being put across...

  7. Object's campaigns have been heavy on rhetoric, memes and rad-fem folklore, but very light on hard facts and reliable statistics; their losing streak started as soon as a few people began to question the substance of their statements.

    1. And, to judge from recent results and the large number of hits, this blog has been very influential.