Friday, April 19, 2013

Tower Hamlets, the Con is on.

Tower Hamlets:- Mayor cons the public

As people know TH has been running a public consultation on a a new licensing framework without telling people what is in it. So we can only assume that the council intend to push through changes to the policies that will target the Pubs and Clubs. So after a consultation that results has never been released we go through a second one that we had no idea what the intention is.

Well assuming the first set of results were hidden as it upset the Mayor and his religious backers we are busy hoping that the council get told to leave the pubs alone. Well we can't have women choosing to dance can we, so the council has plan number 3 in case the result of the second consultation on SEVs tells the officials leave the venues alone. I am hoping that the people of Tower Hamlets realise that the mayor and his cronies don't actually care about public opinion and only want to push their own agenda forward.

So how is the council going to con the pubic? Well ignoring public opinion on striptease they intend to push through a nil policy by stealth, in fact they may have already done it although the minutes of the committee are still not on the website a month later. Okay Okay getting to the point. Section 15

15.4 The licensing authority when its discretion is engaged will always consider all
applications on their individual merits, however all applications involving adult
entertainment of nudity or semi-nudity are unlikely to be successful where the
premises is in the vicinity of:
• residential accommodation;
• schools;
• places of worship;
• other premises where entertainment of a similar nature takes place;
• community centres; and
• youth clubs.

So in a London borough this will mean no locations are suitable even after a consultation that may say different. Yep this is the we don't care about the public's opinion unless it matches ours attitude. They may say that it will not affect current venues but how long before they try to block a pub or club renewal? It seems wrong to me but councils can push through things without informing people it seems even if they are doing consultations on the subject. And even better the council has two section 15.4 so we have no idea what they are up to but it would seem that sooner or later the mayor will push through his opinion and to hell with anyone who doesn't agree.

And lets be very clear the council know that they are pulling a fast one

15.9 The Policing and Crime Act came into effect on 6 April 2010. One of the effects
of that Act is to enable local authorities to adopt powers in that act, including sex
entertainment venues (SEVs). This Borough will adopt the powers that will
provide a Sex Encounter Establishment Policy with the intention of banning all
lap dancing premises within the Borough.
15.10 The consultation regarding the Sex Establishment Policy will run
simultaneously to the Licensing Policy and cause this Licensing Policy to be
reviewed again within the next 12 months is adopted.
15.11 If the Sex Establishment is adopted, the changes to the Licensing Policy will be
with regards to Section 15, ‘Striptease’.

So point 15.9 says the framework which we haven't seen is about banning all venues! If they don't ban all venues then they adopt a policy that will effectively ban all venues when the renewal comes around. Well not seen such a clear cut act of sticking it to venues without some sort of public backing. Now I worked for a few years in Local Government and I am struggling to find everything about this. This has hidden agendas, lack of information, deceit and a total disregard for anything other than what Lufter wants to ram down peoples throat. Guess he knows he is not likely to get re-elected so trying to push through policies now while he can. Any consultation should be double checked it seems as there is a definite agenda of disregarding anything that doesn't suit what the councillors want.

So the pubs and clubs in Tower Hamlets you are heading for trouble and now would be a very good time for your legal people to be filing against the council. In the meantime I will be trying to get a copy of the minutes from last month.



  1. Well spotted ! The thing is though if they do take away the license of Secrets or Metropolis or Whites etc there will almost certainly be some sort of court case and TH will find it's behaviour very difficult to defend. In this instance the clubs {plus the White Swan} really do need to unite as they are all pretty much in the same boat and it looks to me that some form of legal action will be required.


    1. I am fairly certain that there will be some push to close things in TH before the mayor gets evicted from office. Almost like he wants to leave an absolute mess for whoever comes after. In the mean time his backers see he is trying to impose moral judgements. If the clubs don't jump together now they will be facing issues down the line.

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