Friday, April 19, 2013

Flying Scotsman, a trip to Islington

A flying trip to Islington for a man in a Kilt? Actually we are looking at the application of the flying Scotsman to renew its SEV license.

Last year the owners had a battle to get the SEV License even though the long term intention is to change the venue to a restaurant diner. Guessing with the current economic climate it is not yet cost effective. So 2013 and the Scottie wants to continue trading. You would think not a problem there are other venues in the borough so it is not like they are the sole place.

However local protesters (and from what I can find it is a small handful) and a councillor are determined to try and close the Scottie down. Cllr Convery said last year that if the venue re-applied this year he expects the committee to turn down the application. Which considering that the venue looks like a fairly normal old style pub from the outside with no windows to the area where the strippers perform it is not obvious or sleazy it just looks like a pub. So a pub where no one can see what goes on and to be honest is hardly noticeable  first time I went there I actually walked past it twice before I realised what it was and I was looking for it.

Even Cllr Convery said last year The pub will not change any of the external appearance as some nearby residents had feared so will retain its current frontage which broadly disguises the what’s-going-on-behind. So we have a venue that is not obvious that has long been a stopping off point for travellers and sport fans coming in and out of London. However a councillor wants it closed so we can assume the licensing committee is going to get their ear bent about this. Now it was never my favourite venue but for many years it has been a traditional strip pub with no private dancing and would be a shame to see it go.

Objections are being sent to so you could assume that you would send your mails of support there too. Now we only have a few days left as I hadn't heard about this before hand so my apologises and wishing the Scottie the best of luck.


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