Sunday, April 7, 2013

Christian Extremists?

There was me witn my nice plans to write a positive piece about someone I had never heard of till the last 2 weeks. Then something comes along and slaps your face and you realise that the rights and wrongs of this world will never balance and if we do not become active and support what we believe in then it is our fault if we lose it.

This blog has always been about the right to choose, so long as striptease is legal each adult has the right to go in or not go into a venue. Because of the belief of freedom of choice I would never deny anyone the right to choose religion and practice it so long as it is within the laws of the land. Now we know that religious people are against people having the right to choose but sometimes you find a group that is beyond the pale.

So who is this hate group? Well it is Christian Concern and their legal arm Christian Legal Centre.  Now why would anyone call Christians a hate group? Well in this case it is because of their attitude towards anything that doesn't fit in with their views. They are campaigning about not being ashamed about being a Christian and I whole heartedly agree that people should be able to practice their religion WITHIN the laws of the land. However they have been battling to support the nil policies and have been involved in Bedford adopting the nil policy. Now I hadn't heard of a consultation so how did this happen? Seems that a lot of letter writing has been taking place and that Christian Legal Centre has been heavily involved.

Unfortunately it seems that Christian Concern are only concerned with their views and do not care about anyone else's  Their campaigns against same sex marriage and anti abortion reflect that they wish to impose their morals on everyone else. Well you can't go round demanding freedom of religion and then ignore everyone else's freedoms. Well not with out being complete hypocrites. However this doesn't seem to bother them. So they are against striptease, or as they call it the sex trade. Why do they call it the sex trade rather than what it is? The fact they want to generate images in the minds of their supporters that are nothing to do with reality just what they need to get their money in from people.

People might say I am being harsh about them being a hate group but the views they hold are bigoted and fight to stop people choosing how to live their lives. We hear about the backlash against some religions because their views are harsh as are their laws. Christian Concern are a fundamentalist group with a political agenda. State and church are never a good combination and I have spoken to a former reverend for the Palace of Westminster the key should be making the right decisions for all the people not a select few based on religion or other agendas.

Not going to link to them, people can use google to find out just who these people are but I do want to react every time we hear that they are involved in a campaign to close down a club as they are acting on moral grounds and it has nothing to do with anything other than that. We know and understand the regulations as do they so rather than be honest that is their morals that are offended they bring out the lies about rape (aka Lilith report) and go on about objectification which as we are all aware by now is hilarious as one of the key factors of objectification is denying people agency. Which is exactly what Christian Concern does by not engaging with the dancers.

And a quick final thought a message to all the rad fems out there. These people have campaigned against same sex marriages and against women having the right to choose what they do with their body. Are these really the people you want to align with?


  1. Reading around I have found that there seems to have been a consultation, I don't remember every hearing about it. If anyone knows how the request for a consultation was put out I would be interested to know. This is where one or two people cannot know what is going on everywhere and requires others to input like John did with Amara.


  2. Hi. I have been undertaking research into Christian Concern and their matriach, Andrea Minichiello Williams and have dug up some nice stuff. Did you know that Williams believes that the Earth is only about 4000 years old? Did you know that Christian Concern link to Objects website? This could be a fruitful line of research....


  3. It's good you have bought this issue up, i had also noticed Christian Concern getting mentioned on numerous articles recently regarding SEV's being refused, and they have been taking the credit for doing so. They certainly seem to think they have a high success rate at wrecking strip club applications and is something that has concerned me too.

    Maybe we should remind them of cases like this one:

    Also this is quite interesting too:

    1. They are well organised and taking direct action, every time a club has to renew their license they should be aware that they run the risk of being undermined by these people. I would ask that the wording for the letters of protest be checked as I would guess they are going to be very similar if CC are behind these challenges.

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