Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Catch Up

Ok just been going over the consultations and ongoing council issues. This is just a reminder to all the readers so where they are able to comment/get involved they can. And people remember if you don't get involved don't complain if we lose venues. I will put my opinion in each but it is only my opinion.

Tower Hamlets part two, second consultation on SEV this time trying to force a framework through that would see venues closed if they are near churches, schools or hospitals. Link Here This is for residents, businesses, sev owners and sev employees.

Leed has a consultation going and once again it is about trying to railroad through changes. It is an abuse of power but what appears to be a christian councillor and an old friend whi is a Leeds MP. Link Here this will take you to the page where all the consultations are.

Hounslow has required people to e-mail in and there is no acknowledgement or any response to e-mails it seems. Not sure what is going on but there is not current clubs so this could get pushed through as no one is going to challenge it.

There is a club applying to open in Canterbury but with all the issues around strip clubs I would not be putting money on the club getting anywhere.

So to things that have happend. Coventry has gone with a nil policy that allows the existing Club to continue operating. Also Bedford has gone with a nil policy and this is down to lobbying by the Christian Legal Centre but as far as I can tell no actual consultation took place. It is very tempting to see if we could get enough people protesting to get the council to rethink?

Things keep on and we do not see everything. I personally have health issues so I may disappear at times. Which means we are very reliant on the people out there spotting things and passing information on. is checked everyday so if you spot anything or want particular issues discussed please mail me.



  1. I know it can sometimes seem as though the forces of darkness are winning but I'm not sure they are really. Attempts to set numbers of clubs below the current number at Leicester and Bristol have basically failed and while a new attempt is being made in Leeds I suspect in the end nothing much will come of it. New SEVs have been granted in places like Shrewsbury, Southampton, Amphill, Southport etc despite lots of local noise from the antis. Although the license has to be renewed each year so far once a club has been granted a license the council tend to renew it as a matter of course. Consultations and press comments suggest that the "overwhelming support" people like Object claim is far from the truth.

    The thing thatv really does still annoy me is that in places like Canterbury people are still quoting the Lilth Camden numbers as a scare tactic when as we all know they are more discredited than Fred the Shred !


    1. This is why I am now actively hunting that particular Woozle. Anywhere Lilith is quoted if I find it I will happily point out how stupid people are. But the problem is people find it easy to accept because they don't know any better. I actually think anyone who now quotes Lilith should be named for what they are, a liar and a fraud.

      But it is a battle we have to fight, because like it or not people want to scare others into believing what has been said is accurate. And we have seen that organisations like object have no issue with lying. And Christian Concern has creationists so maybe for them it is an article of faith.