Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Loss (Boo) and a Victory (Yippee)

Well this is turning into a strange week. Two councils one with a new SEV request and the other with an existing club. So what happened?

In Shrewsbury The Source Vodka Bar had been holding monthly events under Temporary Events Notice, they had no problems so were asking for a license so they could have one night of striptease per week. 41 letters of complaint about the application but Tony Mantle, police licensing officer for Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, said: “From the records I've been monitoring there have been no reported incidents to myself or the police that would impact on crime or anti-social behaviour.” So good news Shrewsbury will be getting a regular night of entertainment.

However not such good news in Wimslow. The ST Lounge which has been operating without incidence has had it's renewal rejected. Now this is pretty unusual as once a club gets a license the European laws are pretty much on the side of the venue. But 390 letters were received and within that 930 signatures, so the council has decided to refuse the renewal. Firstly I really hope the club take the council to court as nothing has changed about the venue since the original granting of the license. Now to actively target a license renewal is something that smacks of good information and co-ordination. The fact that nothing has been said about any letters complaining on moral grounds is even more remarkable. So any original thought or just templates? I am going to guess at the second. So is this object template or Christian Concern? I looked at the online petition about this and found a few anonymous and quite a few double entries so not so sure that the 930 signatures is a true number. The club should be checking that the letters sent in are genuine and are not full of morals just to be sure. ST Lounge I would be in with your solicitors if I was you.

So the battle goes on but readers of this blog, especially dancers and clubs beware as the haters out there are getting organised. If the venues don't get their act together they will be shot down. Chasmal pointed out Unite or Die. Well if the situation in Wimslow stands then expect Christian Concern to start lobbying in other areas. And your club may be next. Brief your Briefs.


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