Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Simple Message For Club Owners - Unite or Die!

This Is A Dead Strip Pub and Your Club Could End Up Just Like It.

Hi, its Chasmal here to remind you that late last year I made a posting that highlighted the possibility that Object and their campaign against clubs could empower other organisations to start looking at issues that concerned them, such as abortion and same sex marriage. I do so hate to be proven correct, but TonyNs article on Christian extremism reveals a whole network of related organisations that wish to see and end to  clubs, same sex marriage, abortion and even Islam.

So, we have another enemy to face, but this blog cannot fight for every club, so club owners are going to have to get their acts together and create an effective national organisation to safeguard their interests. There is no other choice...

I have had discussions with club owners that have tried to at least unite the clubs in their local area, but all that happens is that the owner of Club X is happy to attend a meeting as long as the owner of Club Y isn't invited and the owner of Club Z is happy to come to a meeting as long as etc etc...

It's all bollocks...

It is my belief that the striptease industry in Britain faces a clear and present danger in the form of radical Christianity and the danger can only be faced behind a united front, one that it well funded with access to the best legal advice that money can buy.

Of course, club owners could choose to ignore my advice, but if they do they risk the loss of their businesses.

Someone, somewhere needs to start to act..

I intend to put together an article that will complement Tony's and explore the Christian extremist network that aims to see every club in Britain closed down.


  1. I do agree but unfortunatley club owners have been very poor at co-operating in the past. The Lap Dance association for example did not have Secrets or Stringfellows or any of the old strip pubs or northern chains like Baby Platinum or Players as members. It was mainly run by FYEO and Spearmint and a handfull of concerned single clubs like Medusa, Bandit Queen etc. Had they got their act together then I'm sure the SEV laws would have come anyway but some of the more contentious issues like the "nil policy and no appeal" might have been changed. At the time I tried to get others interested but people either felt it would all blow over or that somebody else should pay. I'll circulate your comments to the clubs I'm in contact with via the gossip column but I doubt much will come of it.


  2. The clubs have a choice, fight together or be shot down in flames one by one. The christian right is moving but remember the christian greens are now supporting the same agenda. Charlwood and Reeves have christian backgrounds. And by scaremongering they will unite with Islamic and Hindu groups against the clubs. The fact once they close the clubs they will go after their allies is neither here nor there. The big issue is that Christian extremists across the political spectrum are working towards the destruction of personal freedoms. As individuals we can highlight and challenge but there is only so much we can do. The clubs could each put one saturday night takings in and think of the working fund that would give to battle this insidious attack.

    Choices act now or there may be none left.


    1. And let's not forget that whilst the Policing and Crime Act 2009 was drafted and made law under New Labour, when Jacqui Smith was Home Secretary, one of the key policies of Cameron's LibCon government is for churches and other religious organisations to fill the gaps left by cuts to the Welfare State; in other words, unelected religious figures are now being given greater access to the political process, not unlike the way in which various 'community leaders' and 'feminist' organisations were consulted by the previous government.

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