Sunday, February 12, 2012

Team Object - Saving you from Sport Relief

Welcome to a new spot - 'Team Object - Feminist Police' where we highlight an area of concern for Object as culled from their Yahoo Message Board. In this posting we learn how upset Object are about Sport Relief. 

But before we examine exactly what has upset them, lets find out a bit more about Sport Relief...

Sport Relief is a biennial charity event from Comic Relief, in association with BBC Sport, which brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world's poorest countries. 

So we can see that Sport Relief is a good thing and like all charities, Sports Relief has a range of donation building activities. But there is a problem and they're in big trouble now...

For the sake of anyones embarrassment, we redacted the message posters personal details....
Yes, someone called Amy Childs (sorry I am not that media aware so unsure of who she is or what she does) dared to publicise Sport Relief by being photographed not wearing a lot of clothing. Clearly this is a case for Team Object and who must be planning their campaign now. But lets see the offending photograph....

Just cannot believe the objectification....
Its understandable why Team Object were so upset and any reasonable person would surely agree with them. Amy Childs was almost certainly naked behind the T-shirt and that is unacceptable. The lady in question is also attractive and that is a big no no for Team Object.

So let this be a learning point for everyone, if you are attractive and photographed in a state of nudity behind or under your clothing, you will earn the wrath of Team Object. 

So a big thank you Team Object for being on the case....


  1. Amy Childs is a "reality" tv celeb. And yes she is reasonably pretty so of course an enemy of Object. Thank heaven for object protecting us from being charitable and supporting sports persons in the year of the Olympics. Although just wondering how two faced that is when they used the Olympics in your earlier blog.

  2. SportsAid and Sport Relief are two very different organisations. One raises money for talented young athletes, both able-bodied and those with a disability. The other is a one-day fundraising event that generates money for good causes around the globe.
    Don't tarnish the work of SportsAid because of your dislike of Amy Childs, who is working for Sport Relief in this case.
    The clue is in the photograph - SPORT RELIEF!

    1. The Sports Aid/Sport Relief confusion is absolutely my fault and I take your point and stand corrected and will amend the posting immediately.

      In terms of your subsequent comments though....this blog posting was being critical of 'Object', a feminist group that plan to lobby Sport Relief over their use of the above Amy Childs photograph.

      I do not dislike Amy Childs in fact I am sure that she is a very nice person, but the focus of my article was Object, not Amy Childs or Sport Relief. The second part of your response would have been better directed at Object (, who will probably completely ignore you, like they do anyone else that is critical of their stance.

  3. Reminds me of their success with the Ryanair ad. Any woman who is attractive and sexually confident must be harassed and shamed. But this is Object's modus operandi - slut shamming or a good old fashioned witch hunt. Sexuality is not to be embraced or enjoyed or celebrated - it's to be repressed and hounded out of all areas of life. Yes there should be a wider representation but I fail to see how this will help with gender equality. It's an ideology that embraces and supports fear and panic, as opposed to confidence. (I could go on but I have to go to work....!)

    BTW - I am a woman.