Monday, February 6, 2012

Haters Just Keep Hating - Mumsnet

Mumsnet has always been supportive of any localised Object campaign to close strip clubs and Tower Hamlets has been no exception. Like many forums, Mumsnet actively encouraged their readers to complete Tower Hamlets Council on line 'survey' but not everyone has been in agreement with the plan. 'Fibble80' was quite indignant about the idea of women being told what to do and how to earn a living, predictably this earned a rebuke and what it rebuke it was...

At least 'KristineRackabusi' was honest enough to state publicly what Object prefer to keep to their private Yahoo Group. Kristine accuses Fibble of having no idea about the 'violence and abuse that occurs behind the scenes' and condemns dancers as being 'gender traitors of the highest degree'...

StrippingtheIllusion challenges 'KristineRackabusi' to provide details of the 'violence and abuse that occurs behind the scenes' in clubs in Tower Hamlets. Obviously 'KristineRackabusi' will not be able to do this, because there is only one person that 'has no idea' and that is KristineRackabusi'.

Interesting that 'Kristine' blames dancers for offering women an 'unrealistic standard' to live up to which  leaves them 'in spirals of depression'. I doubt that stripper comparisons and body image issues are at the forefront on many womens minds at the moment, unless of course they have the luxury of that problem being the biggest one that they face.

Once again we see a disturbing trend emerging, that is the identification of a group in society that others view as being a problem by virtue of its very existence. If Object achieve their aim and close every club in the land, will the women living in 'spirals of depression' make a recovery? Somehow I doubt it because strippers are not the cause if their problems and so a new hate target will have to be found. Probably underwear models whose photographs appear in shop windows and maybe after that, anyone who is viewed as being attractive...

Hate is what motivates campaigns such as the ones run by Object and it also inspires comments like 'KristineRackabusi's'.

'Gender traitors second only to prostitutes'?

As I said, haters just keep hating.....


  1. I probably not the only one to start thinking that back in the late 1920's people in Germany started blaming one section of society for all their ills. Okay can't see Guardianista Polly as the next Prime Minister but it does make you wonder why some people who can't accept themselves have to blame others.

  2. Freud had a term for it: projection. But then, what on earth could a dead, white male know about womyn's [sic] problems? ;-)

  3. I am sorry but the only people who know what it is like to work in the lap-dancing industry are lap-dancers themselves.