Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Feedback

This was blog was first posted on 6th January 2012. Since that time it has had over 1500 page views from across the globe. 'OBJECTionable Behaviour' had just short of 400 page views by itself at the time of this posting. There have been many comments, only two of which were negative, but I note that Object themselves have not seen fit to respond to anything that has been written here...

Two comments were posted by 'Clare', who referred me to a study undertaken by Avon & Somerset Police that explored the link between SEVs and violent assaults on women in Bristol. I stated at the time that I would look into this study in some detail and that process has started.

The document that 'Clare' linked to was a simple one page Word doc. but I have requested the background data from the documents original author, and although I am still waiting for a response, I am sure one will be forthcoming soon.

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