Monday, February 6, 2012

Did I Mention That We Have Some Supporters in Object?....

......Well we do and they are very nice people that became disillusioned by what they read on Objects Yahoo Message Board and over the past year have been sending me stuff to read. I have quite a treasure trove of material to choose from, but I thought I would start with the a Word document that contained the lyrics for Object members and supporters to sing on the annual 'Reclaim The Night' march. 

The route for the London March passes Spearmint Rhinos in Tottenham Court Road and when Object reached that point, everyone was to sing the version of 'The 12 Days if Christmas' as copied to you below...

The first day of Christmas (sing when marching past Spearmint Rhino’s)

On the first day of Christmas, Spearmint Rhino gave to me
A dollar for misogyny

On the 2nd day of Christmas, Spearmint Rhino gave to me
Sexual exploitation, and a dollar for misogyny

On the 3rd day of Christmas, Spearmint Rhino gave to me
Poor body image, sexual exploitation, and a dollar for misogyny

On the 4th day of Christmas, Spearmint Rhino gave to me
Gender inequality, poor body image, sexual exploitation, and a dollar for misogyny

On the 5th day of Christmas, Spearmint Rhino gave to me
gender inequality, poor body image, sexual exploitation, and a dollar for misogyny...

Great stuff! I do not know what happened to days 6 to 12, probably couldn't think of any more objectification issues that Spearmint Rhino is responsible for. Interesting to note how the lyrics mention 'poor body image' and so once again we see dancers being blamed for the psychological issues of other people. I wonder who wrote the lyrics, probably 'KristineRackabusi', its certainly pitched at her level.....


  1. No Go Zones? As far as I can remember Tottenham Court Road gets pretty packed with shoppers of both sexes, not seeing it as a no go zone. Walking up and down the high street in whitechapel compared to walking on the streets of Syria..... I know which one seems like a no go zone to me.

    Those people suffering from poor body image, think they have bigger issues with the celeb mags like Heat.

  2. It's pretty childish stuff. And since when was the dollar the currency of the UK?

  3. Didn't Viz once feature Millie Tant singing a similar 'Christmas carol', years before Object was formed? ;-)

  4. It would be good of them to consider the workers who will be losing money whilst they carry out their 'sing songs' outside dancers' places of work also. Obviously these campaigns are going to prevent women from making money. Considering they will still have to pay house fees (working conditions are another matter which urgently need addressed) - dancers themselves stand to lose out so that object can have their 'objections' heard. I wonder if the ladies of object would be happy to cover dancers' house fees since they are effectively sabotaging their work?

  5. Having got into a debate with a feminist who originally was saying exploitation it was interesting how the designer feminist brigade admitted they don't care about the dancers as they see them as traitors and how they hope the dancers lose their jobs. They are really all about this term pornification which as far as my spell checker goes doesn't exist. They tried to roll out the Lilith report to prove their point and then when that was shot down pretended I did't know what I was talking about so they wouldn't debate with me.

  6. Hello Tony

    Entirely unsurprised about that unwillingness to debate when things got sticky. Object (and friends) have based their entire argument structure on meaningless umbrella phrases like 'pornification' and the pornified are, in their way of thinking, dispensable. They hate dancers because they needed someone to hate. Object are truly the 'Citizen Smiths' of the feminist world (giving away my age a bit there). Anyone with a calculator knows that Lillith does not work and that is why Kat Banyard prefers to quote The Holsopple Report, all the time hoping no one questions its age and continent of origin. Their entire argument is a house of cards and it amazes me that no one apart from you and few others has really given it a hard prod. Object - the Avon ladies of feminism....

    1. Yes, and under the last government, it was a little like the Tooting Popular Front being given access to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Home Secretary!