Thursday, May 30, 2013

Male Strippers A Parody and a Few Real Points

Well after watching the Channel 4 programme about the Dreamboys I have realised that so much is wrong with this and we need to rise up and demand that women change their attitudes

Lets firstly talk about the objectification of men even the manager of the Dreamboys views members of his own sex as meat and this can only occur because of a reflection of the views of the matriarchy. Young boys are growing up believing that they have to look like this strippers and anything less is to be mocked and laughed at. And when men say they do it because they enjoy it or want to make money out of it obviously they are gender traitors who have no idea what they are doing to men everywhere.

Now lets think about how these women come out of venues all excited and stimulated and just grabbing the nearest man to them I mean obviously women cannot control themselves after seeing naked male flesh. Pity the poor man going pass a venue after it closes, they with be objectified and feel unsafe with all the sexual taunts these sex crazy women come out with.

And I wonder just how many men are trafficked into these strip venues and forced to work for money.

Men I suggest we march around these venues late at night and take photos of women going into the clubs. Also we should write a book and get on the speaking circuit particularly about the impossible image these men are setting for the rest of us.

Actually really after watching the show I want to talk about the difference between male and female stripping and the two faced approach of some feminists claiming that stripping by women is somehow worse than stripping by men. There is the no contact rule in strip clubs yet if dreamboys or the like strip then women consider it okay to grab, scratch or squeeze . The clubs have audiences and all I can say about the male strippers it seemed to be a baying mob. It is just complete double standards, but the one thing that is a constant is the people working have made choices good or bad. Not everyone is going to be able to handle the pressure stripping but to close industries down because of a minority being against it and a tiny proportion of dancers having bad experiences is in my mind just a tiny bit stupid.

Realistically if striptease is shut down then that would mean no kissograms, no male strippers as well as closing the strip clubs. Unfortunately a tiny rad fem organisations have got column inches because of idiotic campaigns that haven't been thought out and have no popular backing. If you tell all the women that go out on Friday and Saturday nights that willy waggling is off the menu there would be an uproar. The fact that the behaviour at these performances is worse than any strip venue I have seen in the last 10 years just shows how two faced attitudes are.

So perhaps those campaigners against striptease should realise that adults make choices to perform and to watch the performances and it applies to both male and female. As always the female stripping for males is the target for everything in law and yet it misses men stripping for men, men stripping for women and women stripping for women. I would love to know why only performances for men are so heavily regulated and yet performances for women are at the level of the old stag do's.

There is so much I could write about this but the one thing that I will always harp on about is choice. Even to the fact the male dancers use a penis pump before going on stage it is about a visual performance and entertainment.


  1. Loving the parody! Maybe we should also set up a parenting forum for men and have a men's rights section that has nothing to do with parenting but has threads such as: Wife has been to a strip club should i leave her? or Petition to ban Heat magazine..etc lol.

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