Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Quick Tour of the UK?

Well a few things have come to my attention, as usual rather than create three small entries thought it would be easier to bring up all on the one post.

So first lets take a run up to Inverness where a club has been granted a license. Nice to see that although a few moral objections have been brought up common sense prevailed. Of course the usual comment about how it would increase violence against women, however no reference was made about Lilith. The police had no issues and the venue applying already has met the requirements that would be expected. The bid has been backed by the owners of clubs in Aberdeen and Dundee that have had no trouble in 15 years of business. There was the usual claims also of crime but considering the clubs supporting the bids this seems unlikely. However crime figures for Scotland are not available through the Police.UK site so I haven't tested the theory for Scotland.

So secondly I wanted to pick up on some digging I have done on the use of the freedom of information by people trying to find out about SEV consultations. First no surprise that Tower Hamlets was asked over a year ago about their consultation and even under the FoI no response was given. The was also a request for details about Camden from a Madeleine about consultees. The documents included a statement from the police who summed up with "There is no statistical evidence for a specific crime problem around lap-dancing clubs in Camden." I am sure many people have seen this before but I thought it was a good time to remind readers that as in Scotland where 2 well run clubs have had no problems in 15 years of trading the same seems to be true in London that no excessive crime takes place around striptease venues.

Finally word is out that the Olde Northwood is planning on not renewing its license due to the cost of said process. Although having seen the fees that doesn't ring true. So some more digging maybe required.


  1. Good to hear the club in Inverness got the go ahead despite the usual scaremongering about crime increasing.
    Just to extend your tour of the uk a bit, i see this new club in Banbury got approved last week too:

    It received no objections so didn't even have to go before the licensing panel!

  2. Nice to see the other local businesses being so positive. And the only worry seems to be noise. Not sure about the first in Oxfordshire though... doesn't Oxford and therefore thirst come under the area? I was always better at maths than at geography. Not sure about the tanning salon though.

  3. Surely that article is from 2006?

    1. Alan you're right, I didn't look at the date. Makes me realise just how hard it is to keep track of clubs outside of your regular area. And as I haven't been to a venue in over 6 months my memory is slipping. Sorry next time I will check dates.

  4. Interesting article about Secrets

    Hammersmith Today says that their hours have been slashed so they cannot open during the day.

    However, it seems that the club only opens 20:00 to 04:00 Mon- Sat.

    Para 3.2.1 of the Licensing Committee agenda says that there appears to have been a misunderstanding based on the hours advertised at the premises.

    Just wondering. Does anyone know whether anything has actually changed or whether this is another example of bollox reporting?

    It seems there were a massive 4 objections by the way.

    1. The way I read it is that the opening time should read 18:00 which is after any after school club. Looks like the club needs to watch for the idiots leaving at throwing out time. Which is the same as any bar at throwing out time. Looks like the reporting trying to make it look worse, nothing like a little scaremongering to worry readers.