Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Understanding 'Objectification'.

Throughout the Hackney Campaign, myself and many others were active on message boards. I spent a lot of time focussing on the Hackney Gazette forum and decided to try and find out what the anti club movement were looking for. I always have had the sense that the campaign to close clubs was only the first step, so I wanted some sense of what could be coming next. Below is a frame grab of a posting I made where I outlined a list of action points for a 'new feminist' society...

I was not being entirely serious with some of my points. Amazingly, someone thought I was being very serious indeed...

In am not saying that above response is representative of Object or its views, but it gives us an idea about what life would be like if radical feminists somehow managed to exert more influence. It is worth noting that cosmetic surgery has now joined the strip scene as focus for radfem campaigning. Click here to see an article in The Guardian that offers unquestioning support of this critical issue, but also see this article that offers a more balanced and sensible viewpoint.

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