Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Questions That Need Answers 1

Welcome to the first instalment of 'Questions That Need Answers'. Here we will ask questions to people involved in the various campaigns to close every club in Britain. If any question is answered by the relevant person, the answer will be published and if the answer is satisfactory, the question will be withdrawn. Unanswered questions will snowball from posting to posting if they remain unanswered.

Question 1. To Mr Michael Collins of CAPE Tower Hamlets.
At what point did you reveal to the public that you own a property in Tower Hamlets located next door to a strip club (The Nags Head)?
Question 2. To Mr Michael Collins of CAPE Tower Hamlets.
Do your fellow CAPE members know about the above mentioned property interest, in particular Cllr Rania Kahn?
Question 3. To Mr Michael Collins of CAPE Tower Hamlets.
You have been quoted as saying that there has been 'a stabbing, murder, abuse, assaults, drug taking and prostitution in and around these clubs'. As you state that the offences occurred 'in and around the clubs', could you please tell us specifically what clubs were involved and quote the relevant cases. If you cannot do this, can you please tell us why not?.

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