Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guess Whose Back?

Hi it's TonyN here back after taking the summer off and trying to not get too worked up by the stupidity of people talking like experts on a subject they know nothing about and judging people they have never met. Also my health has been a little flaky so wanted to get my head back in the right place to take the idiots and bigots who are clueless out there.

First I want to comment on the rejection of a license application in Scarborough. The rejection wasn't over the letter of complaint but because of issues with the layout creating issues for customers and dancers along with a few health and safety concerns. The line from the council though was good "However, in a statement the council said; "Most of the representations against the application from the members of the public did not demonstrate any grounds for refusal, so it is important to note these were not taken into account when the committee made its decision.". The SEVlicensing blog (link on the side bar) has a good take on this.

Next I want to point the blog readers to a wonderful piece about lessons learned from Striptease. I don't want to copy the work so rather than me rattle on I suggests readers go here to read it.

Well in Cheltenham the consultation has finished and I am wondering what the turn out will be like. I would expect less than 1% of the voting public to respond but you never. However this is still likely to drag on becauseit is not scheduled to be reviewed until October. And I do think the press should be a little less biased but hey stock photos can be made to sell a negative image and the Gloucestershire Echo has been busy show it's puritanical attitude. And just before I published this I got notification via e-mail of the latest piece of shoddy journalism where less than 1% of the population of Cheltenham has filled in the consultation but that is an overwhelming result it seems (here)

And a little light-hearted piece the way the news goes. Seems Perfect 10 in Preston has had to call ghost hunters in. Seems the manager has been experiencing a few bumps in the night when she has been opening. Personally I think it is the ghosts of old customers trying to get the best view. Not sure about the male ghost hanging out by the ladies toilet, still as sceptical as I am you never know in this world as given the choice I would probably haunt a corner spot of some bar.

Sorry for the blank in the Summer but it has helped me get my head in a good place and now it is time to get back to troll hunting.

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