Thursday, July 18, 2013

Leeds Council - Shall We Have A Bet?

Hi, its Chasmal here and you may not be aware that yesterday Leeds Council met and decided to rubber stamp Rebecca Charlwoods plan to cap the number of clubs in Leeds. They decided to implement this policy with the full knowledge that it will cost 200 people their livelihoods, but quite frankly that is not an issue that Leeds Council could really care less about.

Firm details are hard to come by, but an article here claims that.....

'The council’s licensing committee will review each existing licence when they are due for renewal later this year, where the number of strip clubs will be whittled down from 7 to 5'. 

What really makes me laugh was this quote from Rebecca Charlwood. You can see the full article here...

"We have one side which is the women's groups who are opposed to any kind of sexual entertainment at all and the other side which is the proprietors and the people that use the clubs.

"We wanted to find a middle ground, a moderate policy, that reflected the main bulk of the people of Leeds and their views."
Oh come on Rebecca, don't try and paint yourself as a moderate. You are one of the people who are opposed to any kind of sexual entertainment at all. Lets go back in time to Rachel Reeves blog where we learn that....

'....Cllr Rebecca Charlwood, Moortown, is spearheading the campaign....' to '....get these inappropriate venues out of prominent city centre locations.....'

Furthermore in the BBC article we also learn that..

 '.......85% of the 1,847 people who responded to a public consultation supported the cap......'

Hang on a minute. How does this new policy reflect 'the main bulk of people of Leeds and their views when only .2% of the population expressed a view supporting the cap.

StrippingTheIllusion is going to make a prediction about the two clubs that will get axed in the coming licensing review. Now if I am correct, I have a 1 in 42 chance of correctly predicting the names of the 2 clubs that will be have their licenses removed, but I think I will be proven correct when Leeds Council Licensing Committee try and line up Wildcats and Red Leopard for the chop.

Do not fool yourself that anything remotely close to democracy is happening here, the decision has already been made....

In the coming weeks, we will revisit this matter and highlight issues that we believe readers will find disturbing and that point to a streak of corrupt arrogance within Leeds Council that you will find breathtaking...


  1. Rebecca Charlwood also signed Rachel Reeves's petition "Limits on Leeds Lap Dancing Venues".

    (Number 10 signature.)

    Also a number of Leeds councillors signed including:
    96 Bernard Atha
    99 Neil Dawson
    106 Caroline Gruen
    38 Mohammed Iqbal
    107 Kamila Maqsood
    95 Katherine Mitchell

  2. Here's alist of Leeds councillors

    Maybe worth checking if more of them are on the petition.

    Their signature on a petition to change council policy is disgraceful.

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