Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Quick Leeds One

Well good old Rebecca Charlwood has got her way and is now ramming her morality down everyone's throat. Having set up a working group primarily populated with her puppets she now tells the BBC (here) how the policy will come into force in September. Because this is probably going to be a "victory" for Object and the religious zealots I will rush pieces out as soon as I spot them or they come up on other blogs.

Well I feel sorry for the residents because the word is that a "because we can" approach by the council trying to shut down existing businesses is going to be fought. I have no doubt that when the original consultation results are brought into play and the manufactured solution from a working group that had one objective person on it and no representation from the industry it will look a lot like a witch hunt.

So this will be high on the radar for September and I am sure Team Reeves/Charlwood will continue to get mentions on this blog.



  1. Replies
    1. Now following Reeves and Charlwood on Twitter, wonder how long before I get blocked? I can view them with my other account so even if blocked I will know what they are tweeting about. Been suffering with migraines so feeling a little rough plus the met police figures I am waiting on are a week late so seeing the same nonsense come up has got my back up. Really looking forward to see if they will do a lucky dip to close 3 legitimate businesses on a second consultation that was pushed through by what appears to be a very biased working group with NO representation from the industry. Wonder how out of pocket the Leeds taxpayers will be thanks to a tiny minority applying a moral view on businesses.


    2. About £5 million....