Saturday, June 22, 2013

Plenty Still Going On

Okay had a really good morning watching the rugby and wasn't intending to write a piece today but things have come up which I would like to share or put my spin on.

Firstly the Flying Scotsman has been granted one more year as a SEV (here ). In this climate forcing businesses to change could see them go out of business but if the owner is not prepared to take the council to court then nothing that can be done but wish them the best for their last year.

Next we have the sorry business with Leeds where we were expecting a result on a second SEV consultation. According to the Yorkshire Evening Post (here ) only 135 people took part which strikes me as remarkably low. So want to see the full report but as yet cannot find in on the Leeds Council website. Anyone who does find it please let me know.

Finally the Judicial review that locals were putting together against the License for Shades has been dropped. A statement from those originally pressing for the review says “We feel vindicated that we were granted permission for a judicial review, but on balance, there are better ways to oppose Shades and significant taxpayers’ money would be spent on this case. We did not want that.” Now call me cynical but I am reading that as the legal experts advised us we would not win and thus the costs would be down to us and not Shades or anyone else. If you thought you would win you would press on as the costs would be awarded against the losing party, Of course that is just my simple and humble opinion but....

Anyway my intentions for a saturday afternoon has seemed to have disappeared as I really want to to find the Leeds results and my internet has decided it is going to work at 23% of it's usual speed.

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  1. Hi, sorry not been on here for a while, but good news regarding Shades for now. Looks like the temple bottled it in the end ( but it's still cost the tax payer!). I expect them to be out in force however at the next licence renewal, so i don't think Shades are out of the woods just yet unfortunately. I also wonder if the District Council will now carry out the public consultation for SEV's it had planned. I read in the committee minutes that they would put it on hold while the judicial review was taking place.

    1. The SEV consultation will be interesting and it comes down to can the club get enough supporters to support them. If the temple bottled the judicial review I can't see them trying again as I am pretty sure they know in court they would lose.

      And I do wonder when a temple try things how they could ever say it is not a moral opinion.